At Arthur D. Little, we are constantly looking for outstanding candidates, and we recruit all year round.  We view the recruitment process as a two-way evaluation. This gives us the opportunity to meet and challenge you, and gives you the chance to get a better picture of our company and our people.

During the recruitment process, you will attend several interviews and will meet and be evaluated by several potential colleagues.

The recruitment process has 3 stages

Step 1

Application screening.  We will review and assess all applications carefully and will decide based on your credentials but also the current needs of the business. If your candidacy is not processed further, it may not necessarily mean rejection. We always keep resume on file in case we are searching for profiles like yours in the future.

Step 2

Interviews.  We will invite you to take part in interviews with various members of the Arthur D. Little team; as we value holistic views, this may include very senior profiles, and more junior ones. As part of the process you may be asked to solve a business case and give a brief presentation of your findings. One important purpose of these interviews is to give you the chance to ask questions and learn more about Arthur D. Little; we of course use those conversations to learn more about yourself, your aspirations and motivations, and assess our respective fit.

Step 3

Offer. If all people that you have met are positive, this may lead to an offer to join our firm. Overall, at Arthur D. Little, we read over 20 000 CVs per year, and, on average, we hire one consultant out of 100 CV.


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