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Reforming the energy subsidy systems in the Middle East

Who could lead the region?

Positive demography and economic growth, driven by energy-intensive production, are driving up overall energy consumption even more. Without reforming or abandoning energy price subsidies, governments are very likely to see further increase in their already-high subsidy costs, further compromising...
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Industrial Park Governance

The Vital Cog for Success

Economies of scale and synergies are driving the creation of large industrial parks. However, governments often struggle to establish an effective and empowered governing entity to administer and develop these parks. This article stresses the benefits of a governing entity, discusses the key...
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The birth of Neo-Petronationalism: a new emerging model

In 2013 Mexico approved an ambitious energy reform that ended 70 years of Petronationalism. The country opened its market and now allows private and international investors to participate through a range of contracting models. The authors believe that a successful implementation of the Mexican...
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Field Telecoms in Oil & Gas

Getting Connected: How the Telecoms Industry is Enabling the Digital Oil Field

This paper addresses the following key questions:What are the key oil & gas sector field communications requirements which Field Telecoms suppliers need to deliver?Which technologies are currently being used, or could be used in the future, to address these requirements?Who are the key...
Oil & gas, Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Managing Capital Projects Successfully

An Executive Concern

Recent instances of substantially over-budget and behind-schedule energy projects have demonstrated that even the most sophisticated energy companies are not able to “get it right” every time. In this report we explain the best practice approach that we take to help our clients to identify and...
Oil & gas, Utilities & alternative energy, Operations management

Assessing innovation and R&D capabilities across multi-center organizations

Over the last decades most global companies have evolved to organize their innovation efforts through an “open innovation” model with individual research centers. Globalization and mergers & acquisitions have changed these networks, making them more complex to manage successfully. A robust...
Oil & gas, Utilities & alternative energy, Technology & innovation management

Opportunities and challenges for Global Deepwater Players

The pace of deepwater drilling has increased by 40 % over the last three years. While technology is a key enabler for deepwater development, players still face many critical challenges and decisions which require close attention if projects are to be delivered successfully. In this article the...
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Deepwater Developments

Critical Aspects and Key Considerations for Technology Selection

Technology is a key enabler for deep-water development but players still face a myriad of critical challenges and decisions which require close attention for successful delivery.
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Opportunities and challenges for energy players in the global shale revolution

Fracking technology has recently enabled the large-scale exploitation of vast amounts of shale gas and oil, impacting energy equations and balances across the world. This article addresses why shale developments will be a game-changer and how energy and petrochemical industry executives and...
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