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Creating the Optimal R&D Organization

Designing R&D organizational structures, processes and governance to enhance business value

However organizational structures for R&D in large international companies are often sub-optimal, and act as a major barrier to performance improvement. From our extensive work with the R&D functions of global companies we have identified 8 imperatives to ensure a successful transformation...
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“We live in a culture of permanent transformation.”

Audi has been thriving in the luxury car segment. But the company knows that it cannot rest on its laurels. In our interview Rupert Stadler, Audi CEO, talks about the key challenges driving the company such as alternative drive systems, connectivity and the rise of megacities. To solve these...
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The Headquarters Redesign

A New Paradigm for Corporate Governance in Turbulent Times

In this Viewpoint, Arthur D. Little portrays a new governance paradigm and a lean head office set-up that adds significant value to the organization. We have to focus on the governance methodology. There are four levers that we have been using successfully to improve governance. Such an exercise...
Organization & transformation

Online Sales in the Automotive Industry

How can the internet become a successful sales channel for the automotive industry?

We have recently completed a comprehensive customer survey analyzing the internet as a sales channel in automotive business. To validate demand and identify critical success factors and requirements for online customers, approx. 1,000 survey results were collected from customers from Germany, China...
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Transformation by Radical Innovation

Turning Megatrends and Emerging Technologies into Growth Opportunities

“The most successful companies spend 1/3 of their R&D budget on radical innovation” While in the past, successful companies prospered by focusing on incremental innovation, tweaking existing products and processes, today they face difficulties competing with start-ups and younger companies with...
Organization & transformation, Technology & innovation management

e-Company: Becoming the Amazon of your industry

Companies like Amazon and Google are setting the standards for customer service in the digital age. The question for any company entering this field is how to make the transition and give customers the kind of online experience they have come to expect from the digital customer service leaders....
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The Future of Urban Mobility

Towards networked, multimodal cities of 2050

Executive summaryManagement consultancyArthur D. Little’s (ADL) new global study of urban mobility assesses the mobility maturity and performance of 66 cities worldwide and finds most not just falling well short of best practice but in a state of crisis. Indeed it is not putting it too stron­gly to...
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