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Battle for Sales in the Premium Segment

Six Key Levers Impacting Current Automotive Sales Models

For 2020, all three German premium automotive brands aim to become No. 1 in sales. In fact, worldwide demand for premium cars by far outgrows the global market, mainly due to the strong demand for premium vehicles from China and the US. For premium OEMs, the resulting challenge is to conquer new,...
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Automotive Customer Experience

Achieving Next Level Customer Service by Managing Customer Experiences Across All Touchpoints

Today we see the need for automotive OEMs to shift from being product-focused to customer-focused companies. As opportunities for product-wise differentiation for the average driver seem to diminish, customer treatment becomes the key differentiator for the future. As customer journeys become...
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Spinning the Wheel Online

Online Transformation in the Automobile Industry

Experience shows though, that the digital transformation potential is not fully tapped yet. In our study “Spinning the Wheel  Online”, experts of Arthur D. Little analyzed eight international markets, how online experience of customers influence the behavior in dealing with traditional...
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A Glint in the Eye of the Customer

Outstanding “Wow-Effects” Through an Innovative Customer Journey

Arthur D. Little showcases a methodology to design such effects of high appreciation and positive astonishment, by the implementation of a service innovation process that ties the customer’s emotional response to a product or service.
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Managing the Customer Experience

Going from Good to Great

Despite the fact that Customer Experience Management (CEX) has been around for many years now, most companies still struggle to become great in delivering a superior experience to their customers. Today, Customer Experience Management is more important than ever as it plays a critical role in...
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Arthur D. Little’s Global Innovation Excellence Survey

Getting a Better Return on Your Innovation Investment

Uniquely, this study explores in some depth the processes and approaches used by companies for innovation management, shows how these contribute to innovation success, and enables participating companies to benchmark themselves against their peers. Drawing on over 650 responses across 2010 and...
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U-Channel Retail

“Ubiquitous, Universal and Unique”

Tomorrow’s customer wants to complete purchases when they want and where they want – and rapidly evolving mobile and online sales platforms enable this. In response, retailers are adapting their business models and we are seeing the appearance of U-channel retailing. U-channel retailing is a new...
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Construction Trade Convergence

The trend towards energy efficiency, “green building” solutions, renovation or value-added services, means that previously distinct construction trades and value chain structures are beginning to converge. Established construction companies, material suppliers or technical building equipment...
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