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The Automotive CO2 Emissions Challenge

2020 Regulatory Scenario for Passenger Cars

Oil dependency and climate change are topics highly debated by governments and communities, and as a consequence, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must define investments, control manufacturing costs and review their car portfolios constantly to cope with worldwide future challenges. To...
Automotive, Sustainability

“We live in a culture of permanent transformation.”

Audi has been thriving in the luxury car segment. But the company knows that it cannot rest on its laurels. In our interview Rupert Stadler, Audi CEO, talks about the key challenges driving the company such as alternative drive systems, connectivity and the rise of megacities. To solve these...
Automotive, Organization & transformation

The Future of Active Safety

The next steps towards autonomous driving

Many passive safety features and driver experience attributes in today’s cars make the cars heavy, bulky and costly. Taking human error out of the equation enables OEMs to rethink the car. OEMs and automotive suppliers who excel in managing the technology portfolio, project risk and partnerships...
Automotive, Risk

The Struggle for Survival

Helping automotive dealers in enhancing business profitability through effective operational practices

Despite analysts forecasting a rebound in 2014, sales volumes are not expected to be back at the pre-crisis level in the years to come. Until now OEMs and their NSCs (National Sales Companies) have reacted to the crisis by undertaking short-term tactical actions. Instead they should invest in more...

Future-proof & lean DMS integration

How to overcome costly and complex DMS integration and support new business opportunities such as online sales, better customer experience and...

Efficient processes and systems in automotive retail are gaining importance for OEMs. They actually are a critical success factor to reach sales targets by enabling efficient customer facing processes and lean processing of large sales quantities. Dealer management systems (DMS) play a major role...

The Connected Car – Finally Coming True?

Die Vision des “Connected Car” oder allgemeiner des “Connected Vehicle” besteht schon seit Längerem, allerdings ohne signifikanten Einfluss auf die Industrie. Durch die zunehmende Bedeutung des mobilen Internets steht das Thema heute ganz oben auf der Agenda der OEMs. Trotz standardisierter und...
Automotive, Technology & innovation management

China’s Automotive Market

A Bumpy Ride Ahead? – How automotive OEMs can plan for a smoother journey

Based on in-depth market insight and a long track record of delivering strategic projects for major automotive companies in China, Arthur D. Little assesses the outlook for the Chinese automotive market and identifies five key topics that should be on the CEO agenda for any international...

Online Sales in the Automotive Industry

How can the internet become a successful sales channel for the automotive industry?

We have recently completed a comprehensive customer survey analyzing the internet as a sales channel in automotive business. To validate demand and identify critical success factors and requirements for online customers, approx. 1,000 survey results were collected from customers from Germany, China...
Automotive, Organization & transformation

Battle for Sales in the Premium Segment

Six Key Levers Impacting Current Automotive Sales Models

For 2020, all three German premium automotive brands aim to become No. 1 in sales. In fact, worldwide demand for premium cars by far outgrows the global market, mainly due to the strong demand for premium vehicles from China and the US. For premium OEMs, the resulting challenge is to conquer new,...
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Automotive Customer Experience

Achieving Next Level Customer Service by Managing Customer Experiences Across All Touchpoints

Today we see the need for automotive OEMs to shift from being product-focused to customer-focused companies. As opportunities for product-wise differentiation for the average driver seem to diminish, customer treatment becomes the key differentiator for the future. As customer journeys become...
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