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Spinning the Wheel Online

Online Transformation in the Automobile Industry

Experience shows though, that the digital transformation potential is not fully tapped yet. In our study “Spinning the Wheel  Online”, experts of Arthur D. Little analyzed eight international markets, how online experience of customers influence the behavior in dealing with traditional...
Automotive, Marketing & sales

Mobile Vertical Applications - Driving Enterprise Mobility

The mobile application landscape is diverse, with applications aimed at a variety of end-user types and ranging from relatively standard “horizontal” solutions through to highly-specialised applications that serve a specific industry need. While it is only relatively recently that some sectors have...
Automotive, Technology & innovation management

Inventions from 1886 Shaping Daily Life Today

1886 was a great year: Arthur D. Little founded the world’s premier consulting company, Coca-Cola created the world’s first soft drink and Carl Benz invented the car. Our overview provides a round-up of the other inventions that the year had in store and that have helped to shape the modern...
Automotive, Strategy, Technology & innovation management

"If we want to improve urban mobility for real, we

Maarten van Gool shares his thoughts about his company’s transformation, the dramatic changes in the possibilities for drivers and the future of transport.
Automotive, Strategy

Powertrain at the Crossroads

Mapping the Future for the Global Bus and Truck Industry

The impact of the global financial crisis on the truck and bus industry has been profound. However, other forces are also driving significant changes in the powertrain industry. These forces will fundamentally change the rules of the game for players in the industry, affecting OEMs, dealers and...

How business can help solve the urban mobility challenge

The proportion of people living in urban areas around the world is constantly rising, and with it the challenge of mastering the growing complexity of urban travel.
Automotive, Strategy

The coming transformation of the automotive industry

The automotive industry is going through a crisis unprecedented in its century-long history. Optimistic commentators predict that strong demand from the BRIC countries and growing market penetration of hybrid or electrical vehicles will propel the industry back to growth in the wake of the...

Biofuels 2.0: investment opportunities and risks

Demand for biofuels is rapidly increasing as governments respond to climate change concerns. For the investor, such a rapidly growing market is attractive, but current demand depends heavily on government incentives. Newer "secondgeneration" technologies offer the potential for improved performance...
Automotive, Utilities & alternative energy, Sustainability

CO2 @ automotive OEMs - What to do in the short term?

The CO2 debate is changing the automotive landscape. While technological solutions will take years to be implemented, changes in buying criteria and their impact on automotive sales might be the real challenge for global automotive OEMs. This article outlines the major drivers for the industry in...

Knowledge Management at Daimler-Benz's Passenger-Car

Daimler-Benz has long been a leading-edge manufacturer of high-quality luxury passenger cars, with a tradition of exceptional engineering, performance, and safety. The technological edge was the company's critical success factor and a structural barrier to market entry for potential competitors. In...
Automotive, Strategy