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Two Realities for Renewables

The Search for Profit in a Booming Industry

Yet a second reality is that many companies are struggling to succeed in the industry. Waves of bankruptcies and falling profitability in many segments, rapidly changing legislation and incentive regimes, and significant reductions in investment pose a considerable challenge. In this article we...
Utilities & alternative energy

Third Party Access in Gas Transportation

Are Players in Emerging Markets Ready for New Rules?

Insights into the potential consequences of variations in TPA will help players avoid the potentially detrimental impacts on their businesses and enable the shaping of their strategy to reflect the new rules of the game.
Utilities & alternative energy

Managing Well Integrity

Well Integrity Needs the Same Level of Care and Attention as Asset Integrity

Technical insight clearly lies at the heart of well integrity assurance systems but in this paper we highlight another important and often overlooked aspect of well integrity assurance, namely the organization and application of these skills. Ensuring that all relevant skills are effectively...
Utilities & alternative energy

Getting Ready for New Network Regulation

From Input Based Regulation to Individual Regulatory Objectives and Performance Evaluation

To remain profitable and succeed in this new environment the utilities sector must become more proactive and adopt a new approach to regulatory management. From the point of view of regulated companies, the current developments in regulatory approach represent a clear shift towards the regulation...
Utilities & alternative energy

National energy security - coal and beyond – An India case

India's struggle for Energy Security

The reasons for this situation range from inconsistent access to a resource pool to outdated technology to inefficient operations. Over and above dependence on coal, increasing demand for energy and irresponsible consumption have added to the woes.  Through this report in collaboration with...
Utilities & alternative energy

Project Risk Management – An Executive Concern

Actively Manage Risk to Deliver Capital Projects on Time and to Budget!

Risk management is one of those areas which is assumed to be well established in most companies, yet many projects suffer significant cost overruns and delays, so it is worth asking the question why is the risk management process failing? We have also highlighted in this paper how some of the...
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UK Energy Policy

A Little Less Intervention, A Little More Action

We have cast a critical eye over the policy measures, which have been under development for several years and are currently making their way through parliament. We suggest that rather than complex interventionist policy, the market needs a clear long-term framework within which it can work to solve...
Utilities & alternative energy

Utilities Flash Report

Analysis of the Italian Utilities Sector - Full Year 2012 results

Even if 2012 was characterized by significant uncertainty surrounding the global macroeconomic situation, the full-year figures confirmed the positive trend already seen in the previous quarters for almost all Utilities in the panel. Despite the high cost of the commodities, the negative...
Utilities & alternative energy

Electricity Trading beyond “Buy and Sell”

Wholesale electricity trading now becomes essential for utilities in Southeast Europe

In most non-EU countries currently preparing for electricity market liberalization, electricity trading and wholesale markets are still in an early development stage. We suggest several business models for electricity trading that enable an utility to develop its trading capabilities step by step.
Utilities & alternative energy

Utilities Online - a Case Study of Italy

How Utilities Compete on the Web to Capture and Retain Customers

The growing willingness of consumers to change supplier has significantly increased switching rates in major European countries and is leading operators to review their approach to communicating with customers. Arthur D. Little analyzed more than 100 web offers, related to domestic and small...
Utilities & alternative energy