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Industry Outlook Report The Energy Industry at the Start of the New Millennium

Each year, my colleagues and I take time to reflect deeply about the future of energy markets and the industry. This year's conversations were particularly challenging given the turbulent environment, which we metaphorically compare to "riding the rapids."1 These rapids, or trends, include abrupt U...
Utilities & alternative energy

A Conversation Profits with Principles - The Transformation of Royal Dutch/Shell

With more than 100,000 employees and assets valued at $80 billion, the Royal Dutch/Shell Group is a global giant in the energy industry, involved in the whole production process of fossil fuels – – from initial prospecting and recovery to final sale – as well as other businesses, such as chemicals...
Utilities & alternative energy

Industry Outlook Report Different Oil Industries for Different Futures

Many oil and gas companies are highly focused on the next five years. They see challenges in another period of relatively low commodity prices and opportunities in the opening of previously closed countries and in the worldwide restructuring of the regulated natural gas and electricity businesses....
Utilities & alternative energy

A Conversation From Paternalism to Performance: Leading Enterprise-Wide Change

An industry giant in the U.K., British Petroleum (BP) is the world's fourth largest oil company. BP extracts oil from around the world and sells its products in over 100 countries. In addition, it operates a large chemicals business and manages one of the largest solar opera–dons in the world. In...
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