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Metro Railways - A Journey of Transformation

Metro railways are critically important assets for the world's cities if we are to meet the challenges of maintaining urban mobility. For established metros, responding to the needs of the future is no easy thing.
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Urban Logistics

How to unlock value from last mile delivery for cities, transporters and retailers

Last mile delivery of goods is a difficult issue to apprehend, as it involves several levels of complexity. In addition to the heterogeneity of the goods transported and of the means of transportation, urban logistics encompass diverse levers and multiple stakeholders.
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“Airports are no longer protected players”

Since becoming chairman and CEO of Aéroports de Paris in 2012, Augustin de Romanet has grown the airport operator to become the largest in the world by market capitalization. In this interview he shares his views on the challenges faced by the aviation industry and how they can be met, sets out his...
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Airports 4.0

Impact of Digital Transformation on Airport Economics

Airports are at the fore-front of global challenges and innovations of our society and business, among which Digital Transformation. Arthur D. Little highlights the impact of Digital Transformation on Airport Economics.
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Unlock the hidden value of infrastructure

Commercial offering – the new value engine of airports, stations, highways, stadiums and hospitals

Airports, PT stations, railway stations, stadiums, highways, clinics and hospitals are diversifying their activities in retail and services to secure sustainable new growth relays and enhance customer experience. The need for additional value creation and customer experience improvement is leading...
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Future of Urban Mobility Lab

Strategic Directions and Ecosystems to Address China’s Urban Mobility Challenges

January 2014 saw Arthur D. Little release the second version of the “Future of Urban Mobility” study, including an updated version of the Urban Mobility Index. In this study, Arthur D. Little highlighted what was holding cities back, and, together with its partner, the UITP – the International...
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Integrierte Logistikdienstleister unter Druck

Kritischer Erfolgsfaktor Governance Excellence im modernen Vierkampf

Wie lange dauert es, bis Managemententscheidungen an der Basis Ihres Unternehmens angekommen sind? Wir meinen hier nicht die einmalige „Chefentscheidung“ – denn die funktioniert meistens. Oftmals entfalten Maßnahmen zur nachhaltigen Steigerung der Profitabilität nicht die gewünschte Wirkung oder...
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Postal Operators

Reducing Product Portfolio and Rates Complexity

Postal operators are stressing business diversification as the core element of their strategies, in order to increase revenue and the utilization of assets, but at the same time adding complexity to their already complex portfolios and pricing structures. Players addressing portfolio complexity,...
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Riding the Mobile Ticketing Wave

A Challenge for Transport Operators

Transport operators, manufacturers (SIM-cards, chipsets, smartphones), public and private owners and telecom operators / system integrators face tough decisions in spite of uncertain business cases and already existing complex ticketing application landscapes (paper, online, 2D-Barcode mobile...
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Mega-Aviation Cities’ Project

Giant Battles on the Ground… to Win the War in the Skies

Most exposed to this new competition paradigm are the existing and upcoming Mega-Aviation Cities around the globe. Given the massive operational challenges, limited financial resources and strategic ambition at stake, Mega-Aviation Cities are among the most critical projects across the globe....
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