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The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0 – Full study

Imperatives to shape extended mobility ecosystems of tomorrow

It includes an updated version of the Urban Mobility Index with an extended scope of 84 cities worldwide as well as an extended set of 19 criteria. It highlights what is holding cities back and identifies three strategic directions for cities to better shape the future of urban mobility.
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Urban Mobility Index – Viewpoint

Summary of the major findings

Our new viewpoint from Arthur D. Little`s second and updated version of the “Future of Urban Mobility” study outlines mobility trends, general strategic imperatives for cities and the Urban Mobility index comparing 84 cities around the globe. The index finds most cities are still badly equipped to...
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Cutting the Profitability Gordian Knot

Take Quantum Leaps AND Incremental Steps to Survive in the Urban Public Transport Value Chain

By mastering operational and innovation excellence, market players can increase their profit pool, attract cross industry partners, and take the lead towards system innovation. In this paper we share our thoughts on operational and innovation excellence as key elements to excel and be a winner in...
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Value Added Logistics

Innovation in logistics reaps clear benefits

While innovation has always been judged as the growth engine of society, in the field of logistics its importance is still underestimated. However, a recent study by the European Logistics Association (ELA) and Arthur D. Little shows that innovation excellence in logistics does lead to significant...
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Innovating for Increased Public Transport

Why system innovation is needed to double the market share of public transport

It will require joint and coordinated efforts by multiple parties in the public transport ecosystem – What we call “System innovation”. The players who understand and find their roles in this will thrive, they will be winners in a growing and changing value chain.
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The impact of future travelers' preferences on the

Tourism is a highly sensitive reflector of the general state of the economy, falling rapidly in response to a downturn but then bouncing back to growth more quickly than most. This time, however, insiders are wondering whether the industry will return to its traditional growth path in the wake of...
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Understanding customer needs as the driving force for

Service, individuality, quality and reliability have turned us into one of the leading travel organizers worldwide.
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