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The Age of Collaboration II

Startups + corporates = pain or gain?

Technology & innovation management, Corporate finance

Driving acquisition value with efficient commercial spend

How telecom operators can rationalize commercial spend without sacrificing acquisition

Telecom operators in emerging markets face the challenge of continuously optimizing their commercial architecture to stay economically healthy. Playing in highly competitive markets can lead to overspending to maintain acquisition activity. Aligning commercial spend with acquired value is key to...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Corporate finance

Releasing working capital across the supply chain

In a credit crisis, one common way of finding cash is to reduce working capital. However, successfully reducing working capital within one company can damage other businesses in the supply chain, exacerbating an already difficult situation all round. This article shows how substantial reductions in...
Strategy, Corporate finance

Ploughs, Mobile Networksand Sustainable Cash Flows

While European mobile phone operators enjoy record levels of cash flow, their prices are increasingly under scrutiny from public opinion and telecom regulators. Their cash flow, however, is not under immediate threat. This is one of the conclusions suggested by this year's edition of Arthur D....
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Corporate finance

A User's Guide to Successful M&As

The global number of mergers and acquisitions has rebounded strongly since 2004. Many top executives are wondering whether it’s worth getting back into M&A as a tool for growth - and if so, what best-practice maximises the chances of success. As Vantrappen and Kilefors explore in their article...
Strategy, Corporate finance

Environmental, Health, and Safety Auditing: Meeting New Expectations for

Companies first began to audit their activities for environmental, health, and safety issues in the 1970s. The goal was to provide assurance to their boards of directors that their operations complied fully with government regulations and company guidelines for environmental, health, and safety...
Strategy, Corporate finance, Sustainability