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Operations management

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Managing Global Production Networks

Study Results June 2015

Global megatrends create transformation pressure  on the manufacturing industry and their global production networks. Our recent study on “Managing global production networks” analyzed how companies are achieving high performing  production networks e.g. by managing network goals, network...
Operations management

Anticipating the Operations of the Future

During the last decade business operations have been transformed in a way that has never been seen before. What does the future hold for operations management and how can it react to ever accelerating change? In this brief article the authors take a quick look at some of the likely characteristics...
Operations management

Hitting the Bulls-Eye: Value Sourcing

Transforming Procurement from Old School to New Age

Cost savings of up to 25-30% can be realized in many industries such as automo¬tive, consumer goods, energy & utilities, financial services and engineering & manufacturing. In this viewpoint, Arthur D.Little showcases three project experiences from the telecommunication and travel &...
Operations management

Agility for Successful Supply Chains

Transformation to an Agile Production System to Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow

Most manufacturing companies are facing volatile and unpredictable demand due to trends such as increased global competition, shorter business cycles and broader product ranges. To survive in this competitive and fast-changing environment, it is necessary to improve flexibility and become truly...
Operations management

Big Data in Procurement

Unlocking Big Value in better sourcing, process efficiency, and agility of procurement

The terms "Big Data" and "Advanced Analytics" have become buzzwords in many business fields. For procurement organizations, Big Data can deliver significant business value by uncovering previously unknown interrelations among supplier and economic data. This paper discusses potential benefits from...
Operations management

Worldclass Purchasing

Central results from the "Purchasing Value Excellence" (PVE) study

The global financial and economic crisis appears to have pulled out of its low point. An economic turnaround is expected in 2010. Now is when the decision is made as to who will capitalise on the opportunities of the coming recovery phase and who can lay the foundation for the years of future...
Consumer goods & retail, Operations management

Procurement Performance Measurement

What CFOs expect from measuring Procurement Success

Procurement excellence is increasingly becoming an important factor in delivering efficient operations within successful companies. On the surface, effectively measuring procurement performance is not rocket science. However looking deeper, adequate measurement of procurement success is a big issue...
Consumer goods & retail, Operations management

Money's not all banks buy

Strategic Supplier Management for Financial Services Organisations

Purchasing, as a rule, is not part of a bank or insurance company’s core business. As a result, financial services organisations often underestimate both the risks associated with purchasing and the advantages of managing suppliers and product groups in a systematic way. Strategic management of...
Financial services, Operations management

Managing Capital Projects Successfully

An Executive Concern

Recent instances of substantially over-budget and behind-schedule energy projects have demonstrated that even the most sophisticated energy companies are not able to “get it right” every time. In this report we explain the best practice approach that we take to help our clients to identify and...
Oil & gas, Utilities & alternative energy, Operations management

Networked Procurement

Networking as future strategy delivers measurable higher and sustainable value for your company

The underlying reason being the low degree of networking of procurement with other functions, which often can be explained through the amendable qualification of procurement employees and the resulting lack of acceptance for procurement.
Operations management