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Operations management

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Green cooperation - How supply chain partners can jointly

Companies that only look into their own value chain operations often find they have reached a point where there is little room for further improvements. A new approach that can reap substantial benefits is to take a look at the integral supply chain perspective, which can not only improve your...
Operations management, Sustainability

Effective procurement negotiations in the downturn

The squeeze is on for subassembly manufacturers. Sharp declines in demand for the products of their customers has left them under heavy pressure to reduce their prices, and the only way they can do that is by ensuring lower prices from their own suppliers. But getting substantial price reductions...
Strategy, Operations management

Purchasing Value Excellence:Results from Arthur D. Little

To reduce costs, many companies are relocating activities or outsourcing pieces of their value chain, making them ever more dependent on the performance of their purchasing organisation. Arthur D. Little's benchmarking study "Purchasing Value Excellence 2006" provides insights about how best-in-...
Operations management

Complexity Management is all about Speed: Interview with

Interview with Thierry Breton
Strategy, Operations management

Expanding Market Space Through Services: Innovate, Don

Product manufacturers in mature industries have a tough time achieving growth. Extending in profitable service niches offers help.
Strategy, Operations management

Leading Enterprise-Wide Change Initiatives

Consider the following scenario: You are a member of your company's top management team. Performance indicators suggest that your firm's global competitive position is softening. Several long–term customers have left you and are now working with one of your newest competitors, who achieves 20...
Strategy, Operations management

How Product Companies Are Competing Through Services

Pick a few leading industrial companies. Now close your eyes and try to visualize their operations. What images come to mind? Very likely you envisioned gleaming R&D laboratories and bustling factories fed by smoothly running supply chains – in short, well–oiled industrial machines geared to...
Strategy, Operations management

Viewpoint Globalisation: Facing the Organisational Issues

Globalisation is posing unprecedented challenges to business organisations. For example, the Wall Street Journal (August 5, 1996) reports how "global" companies in many industries – automobiles, telecommunications, appliances, and others – are suffering like Hamlet: they cannot afford not to be in...
Strategy, Operations management