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"The customer is the determining factor"

In this exclusive interview, Harri Kerminen, president and chief executive of Kemira, provides an insight into the participatory culture of the Finnish global chemicals group and reveals his thoughts on a changing portfolio, sustainability and how to deal with a challenging economic climate.

Black Swan events - Should you be concerned?

The discovery of black swans in Western Australia was a shock for scientists. Today those unexpected birds have become a symbol for the disruption of the bell curve that is used for most forms of variation. Bhopal, Exxon Valdez and Société Générale have shown that, in business, the highly...

Back to basics - again

Five years ago, after the bursting of the previous stock market bubble, the Prism article "Back to Basics" took a close look at the rules of the game followed by companies that have achieved long-term success. In this article the authors take a second look at the companies they analysed back then...

Bringing business models down to earth

The term "new business model" has an enticing ring to it, as it refers to a new and supposedly better way of making money. Ryanair, McDonald’s, IKEA and Amazon are examples that come to mind immediately. Admirable as these may be, they are also so extraordinary that they provide little guidance to...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Open innovation between business and government: clever practices

In recent years, open innovation has become one of the most powerful tools in helping business and governments foster and stimulate regional economies. Arthur D. Little has carried out a global study to find out what a number of regions have done. This article presents the results of the study plus...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Sustainability in retail banking: Revenue protection or creation?

Financial services and sustainability might sound like an odd couple, but many banks have recently launched products and services driven by social and environmental issues. In this article the authors have undertaken a study of major banks to see how important these kind of products have become,...
Financial services, Strategy, Sustainability

The greening of the chemical industry - References

Chemicals, Strategy, Sustainability

How electricity utilities can make investment decisions for a low-carbon future

As the debate over global warming grows ever-louder, the electricity industry faces growing pressure to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. The industry is heading for a low-carbon future and knows it, and this article offers a way for utilities to make the investment decisions needed now that...
Utilities & alternative energy, Strategy

The greening of the chemical industry - An opportunity to create sustainable

The chemical industry has been dealing with environmental concerns for decades. So how should it approach the current appeals to go green? This article examines what being green means for chemical companies, how going green can be a successful strategy, and sets out specific steps executives can...
Chemicals, Strategy, Sustainability

Interview with Alberto Bombassei, President and CEO of Brembo

"Always go against the mainstream"