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Creative Power - Unleashing the creativity of your employees without getting

Companies are always trying to get the best ideas out of their employees, but traditional approaches usually don't bring the desired results. In this article the authors show how the best way to really tap into this richest of all creative sources is through innovation award programmes.

Smart Innovation - Innovate to seize the opportunity in complexity

Companies striving to stay ahead of their competitors through innovation need to become Smart Innovators by developing the ability to spot the opportunity in complexity. This article explains how companies, by developing this ability, can gain access to the best of both worlds.
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Complexity Management is all about Speed: Interview with Thierry Breton,

Interview with Thierry Breton
Strategy, Operations management

How Top Innovators Get InnovationRight: Results from Arthur D. Little'

Improving innovation ability is today the most important lever for increasing profitability and growth. But success is mixed. In just about all industry sectors the 25 percent most innovative companies have 2.5 times as many new products and get 10 times better returns on their innovation...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

The Innovation High Ground:How Leading Companies are UsingSustainability-Driven

In 1999, Arthur D. Little linked up with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to investigate how 80 companies were integrating sustainable development into their approach to innovation management, and to learn about the opportunities and barriers they were experiencing....
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Technological Innovation is like Sushi: Interview with Yoon-Woo Lee, CEO of

Interview with Yoon-Woo Lee, CEO of Samsung Electronics
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Profitable Pricing with IrrationalCompetitors and Rational Customers

B2B markets are under pressure from various sides. In the current environment, managing prices is fast becoming one of the main management tools for survival. Deneffe and Rüdiger take a close look at how this environment has changed hitherto fixed pricing rules, what the most efficient pricing...

A User's Guide to Successful M&As

The global number of mergers and acquisitions has rebounded strongly since 2004. Many top executives are wondering whether it’s worth getting back into M&A as a tool for growth - and if so, what best-practice maximises the chances of success. As Vantrappen and Kilefors explore in their article...
Strategy, Corporate finance

Central and Eastern Europe:An El Dorado for Telecom Investors?

Strong growth, increased liberalisation and new trends in technology have contributed to making the Central and Eastern European telecommunications markets very attractive for investors. In countries like the Czech Republic mobile phone penetration has reached a staggering 105 percent. In this...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Strategy

Coming Together -Success Through Clustering

The concept of clusters promises to be a winning solution for regions wanting a slice of the cake in new technological fields. In the textbook it all seems very simple. Take a region, throw in scientists and venture capital, then just wait for success. In reality though, it proves quite different...