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Back to Basics at Harley-Davidson - Interview with Richard F. Teerlink

Not many industry leaders can claim to have risked their personal fortune for their company. Management guru Richard F. Teerlink can – and learnt a lot. In a frank conversation with Hubertus M. Mühlhäuser Teerlink talks about the management buyout of Harley–Davidson, leaderships, and some phenomena...

Partnering: The Rules of the Game

Partnering has emerged as a viable alternative to mergers and acquisitions. But what are the rules of the game and how to play it? Arthur D. Little offers some answers about when partnering offers more chances than mergers and acquisitions.

The CTO / R&D Director as an Enabler of Strategic Growth

Investments in technological infrastructure and innovation are still huge. While the definition of the role of the CTO running these systems is not focused, he continues to be a vital element of economic success in terms of innovation management.
Strategy, Information management

Pricing in Downturn Economies

The pricing spiral has begun on a global scale. But how can companies protect themselves from price wars? Arthur D. Little found that offering product and service features that customers are actually willing to pay for is a key element in this.

Bringing Corporate Responsibility Down to Earth

Globalisation is a fact. Most people though still live on a regional basis. Globally operating companies which want to succeed must consider the regional preconditions that they operate under. Arthur D. Little shows how large corporations can set up reliable performance measures at a project level.
Strategy, Sustainability

Innovation at Tetra Pak - Managing the Paradox of Creativity and Discipline.

Tetra Pak is famous for its innovative corporate culture. The company has consistently introduced new products and technologies to the world markets. Nick Shreiber, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tetra Pak manages the topic.
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy

Back to Basics

Many people are talking about the basics – but what exactly are they? Arthur D. Little studied a number of companies that have excelled in the business environment by following some basic rules. Read what these companies do and how they do it.

Contingent Capitalism: Planning and Decision Making in Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets offer huge opportunities – for succes and failure alike. Arthur D. Little took a closer look at the underlying forces. One of the main results: companies that want to succeed must be prepared to change their strategies quickly. But how can they do it?

Deregulation - David vs. Goliath Revisited

Deregulation is a global fact. With the threat to incumbents of losing market share to new entrants, what strategies can incumbents apply to protect their turf?
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Strategy

Cooperative Game Theory: Splitting the Gains Without the Pain

Partnering is all about sharing, participating, and integrating. In theory. In reality most partnerships don't bring the results the participating parties had hoped for. The application of game theory offers help.