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Knowledge Management - Are You Inspiring Innovation?

Knowledge is the most sought after "raw" material of our time, coming with a multitude of challenges. So what can companies do to turn knowledge into a reliable success factor?

Networks Work: Viral Marketing as a Tool for Launching Innovations

Fragmented markets call for focused marketing approaches. The word–of–mouth virus has become the most effective tool to spread an innovative product from the avant–garde to everyday users.

Expanding Market Space Through Services: Innovate, Don't Imitate

Product manufacturers in mature industries have a tough time achieving growth. Extending in profitable service niches offers help.
Strategy, Operations management

"High Expectations, Low Profitability" - Arthur D. Little's

The results from Arthur D. Little's Global Broadband Study are sobering for some countries and industries – but make room for optimism. There just might be light at the end of the tunnel.
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Strategy

The Big Picture: An Overview of Electronic Commerce

The emergence of the Internet has given rise to four major application families: cyber communities, digital households, digital workplaces, and electronic commerce. Of these applications, electronic commerce has grown fastest. It is now poised to have an immediate and transformative impact on how...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy, Technology & innovation management, Information management

Innovation in a Wired World

Signs of an innovation revolution are emerging in leading firms all over the world. Companies such as Boeing and Motorola are applying advances in information technology and communications to "wire" portions of their innovation and product creation processes. Chrysler, Cisco Systems, Dell Computer...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management, Information management

How Electronic Commerce Is Transforming Business Processes

It wasn't too long ago that the idea of a company outsourcing its data processing was considered a revolutionary stroke of genius. Outsourcing allowed the company not only to cut costs and prune assets, but to rent time on its own applications. In the world of Internet–based computing, this...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy, Technology & innovation management

How Electronic Commerce Is Reshaping Industry Structures

Across the business landscape, individual companies and whole industries are reeling from the impact of unprecedented change brought about by electronic commerce (EC). Major new competitors have come out of nowhere, fueled by access to seemingly limitless capital. Previously unknown Davids are...
Consumer goods & retail, Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Strategy

Diffusing Knowledge and Learning: Lessons from BP's Pacesetter Network

One of the key dimensions of British Petroleum's (BP's) outstanding success over the past few years has been its commitment to demonstrating distinctive performance within its industry and beyond. This commitment led the company to not only improve the technical and structural aspects of its...
Utilities & alternative energy, Strategy

Systems Innovation as a Source of New Business Opportunities

Business leaders have long recognized systemic thinking as a useful source of ways to improve products, services, and processes. Examples of approaches based on systemic thinking include value analysis and process reengineering, which have proven effective in making the various elements of a...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management