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Investment Opportunity

A special report by Arthur D. Little on why India is an attractive investment destination, prepared for ASSOCHAM, one of India’s largest apex Chambers of Commerce, in conjunction with a Global Investors’ India Forum hosted by them in New Delhi, India on September 23-24, 2015. This report captures...

Shared services – Event summary Executive Roundtable

The transformation challenge to realize benefits from shared services

Since the mid-1980s discrete shared services have been implemented across the globe; for instance, in finance & accounting, purchasing, IT and HR. Meanwhile, shared services have become a “commodity” approach for organizational performance improvement and developed as global and integrated...
Strategy, Organization & transformation

Management audits, the great unknowns

Time to review top management performance in public and private entities

During the last years there have been circumstances (high debt ratios, lack of capital and markets crisis in certain industries) that have pushed for public investment into private companies and whole industries to turn around critical situations. To ensure the fulfilment of this objective,...

The Trends in Megatrends

The forecasting of megatrends has significantly grown in recent years. Business, societies, governments and industries are increasingly demanding insights into future developments. At the same time, intelligence providers have come up with ever more sophisticated forecasting methods. In this...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Heading for New Shores

A pragmatic approach for the strategic assessment of foreign markets

For our clients we develop first hand insights based on proprietary research with our local teams.  Based on these exclusive insights we design hands-on strategies and accompany our clients from insight to initial discussions with distributors, business partners or acquisition targets. Think...
Chemicals, Strategy

Primium – business models for a privacy-conscious world

Today’s Internet users expect many services to be free of charge. In the current business model intermediaries provide a free service to users, and in exchange they are allowed unfettered access and full control over user data. In a Freemium model, the user pays for enhanced features, the most...

The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0 – Full study

Imperatives to shape extended mobility ecosystems of tomorrow

It includes an updated version of the Urban Mobility Index with an extended scope of 84 cities worldwide as well as an extended set of 19 criteria. It highlights what is holding cities back and identifies three strategic directions for cities to better shape the future of urban mobility.
Travel & transportation, Strategy

The €100 billion opportunity

Transforming Electromobility Partnership Performance

By analyzing top performing electromobility partnerships, we find that applying the right methodology can improve the likelihood of transformation and positive returns. We also identify key risks and success factors for partnerships during different stages in their development and provide...

The Growth Accelerator

Managing Innovation Based Growth

Growth is on the top of the management agenda as shareholders simply demand return on invested capital and current business is not delivering. So what is the best route companies can take to achieve it? How can companies create and accelerate growth? To succeed, companies must take a systematic...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

WOWing Customer Service Strategies

Key Success Factors to Design and Implement Service Excellence

Particularly in B2C related business segments involving a high number of customer driven transactions (e.g. Telco, airline, utilities, financial services) customer expectations have grown tremendously over the last decade and most customers are dissatisfied with the service they receive. That’s why...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy