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Retooling your innovation engine for higher earnings from

Many companies are not reaping the profits from innovations that they were hoping for. One of the reasons is the way these companies approach their innovation efforts. In this article, the authors argue that an analysis-driven process is the most suitable one for companies in industries such as...
Technology & innovation management

Interview with Dr. Victoria Franchetti Haynes

„Success through joint ventures“ We are happy to present you our interview with Dr.Victoria Franchetti Haynes who considers innovation as the avantgarde of global economic development.
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

A systems approach for accelerating innovation in regulated

Even though innovation and regulation might not seem a natural fit, industries such as telecommunications and air travel are examples of areas that are both highly innovative and regulated. This article explains the prerequisites for innovation within an industry, and then considers the barriers...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Restructure and reinvest in innovation

Innovation is traditionally one of the first casualties of a downturn. When companies are casting around for means to retain capital just to survive, spending on developments that may or may not pay off some time in the future is an easy target for cost-cutting. This article shows that the...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Biomimicry: from curiosity to commercial reality

"Nature imitates art", argued Oscar Wilde, but today’s scientists imitate nature. This article examines the remarkable field of biomimicry, in which nature’s ingenious solutions to problems that have long baffled engineers are imitated and adopted. The authors highlight leading examples and show...
Technology & innovation management

New business models for mobile operators

Just a few years ago, mobile network operators dominated their industry. The mobile phone ecosystem was in effect closed, and the network operators controlled not only the networks but also the services and the technology. Today they risk becoming mere "bit-pipe" providers. This article shows which...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Technology & innovation management

Bringing business models down to earth

The term "new business model" has an enticing ring to it, as it refers to a new and supposedly better way of making money. Ryanair, McDonald’s, IKEA and Amazon are examples that come to mind immediately. Admirable as these may be, they are also so extraordinary that they provide little guidance to...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Open innovation between business and government: clever

In recent years, open innovation has become one of the most powerful tools in helping business and governments foster and stimulate regional economies. Arthur D. Little has carried out a global study to find out what a number of regions have done. This article presents the results of the study plus...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Managing integrity and innovation for sustainable

Linking sustainability, innovation and integrity is a key to creating a successful company. This article examines why putting "integrity + innovation" into practice creates value, takes a close look at how the best-performing companies create sustainable solutions with integrity and innovation, and...
Technology & innovation management, Sustainability

"What really makes the difference is the presence of

Jean-Philippe Deschamps has been at the forefront of innovation research for a long time. In 1981 he created Arthur D. Little’s Technology and Innovation Management practice. Professor at IMD since 1996, he talks with us about innovation leadership and how to actively engage and develop employees...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management