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Innovation in the Fast Lane

In our innovation work, clients frequently approach us with requests or aspirations that seem impossible. "Our products are three years behind our competitors," one of our electronics clients lamented. "We need to catch up now – and, by the way, we don't have the time or money to duplicate our...
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Viewpoint From Einstein to Elephants: Unlocking the

Innovation, which can be defined as "creating value in new ways," isn't limited to radical changes in technologies, products, and manufacturing processes. It can also help frame and position brands – or even whole organizations – and provide new access routes to markets. Fortune magazine described...
Technology & innovation management

Sustainable Innovation and Change: The Learning-Based Path

For companies that want to make sustainable development a reality, building organizational learning capabilities can be invaluable. Organizational learning – now embraced as a core competitive strength in successful global companies such as British Petroleum (BP), Coca–Cola, and Royal Dutch/Shell...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management, Sustainability

Innovation: The Key Process for Business Growth

After years of cost–cutting and downsizing, business leaders are once again looking for ways to generate growth. While innovation should be a primary engine for this growth, many senior managers are wary of investing in a process that entails such high costs and offers so little certainty of return...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Enterprise Systems: A Report from the Field

A growing number of companies are replacing unique, customized, inflexible, and expensive home–grown information technology systems with more tailorable, integrated, and global enterprise software packages (sometimes known as enterprise resource planning or ERP systems). In some industries, notably...
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A Conversation Driving Culture Change at Samsung

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., since its foundation in 1969, has developed a broad range of electronics and related items from semiconductors and finished home appliances to telecommunications hardware and multimedia products. A listed company on the Korean Stock Exchange, Samsung Electronics' sales...
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Strategic Management of Technology: Thirteen Common Pitfalls

In recent years, Arthur D. Little has been applying its Third Generation R&D principles to a wide variety of technology management assignments. Many of our clients are process and/or production companies (e.g., major oil companies, chemical manufacturers, and pulp and paper producers) that...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management, Information management

Improving R&D Performance through Networking - Lessons

The cost and complexity of R&D efforts today, coupled with accelerating technological change and shrinking product lives, create an urgent need to improve R&D performance. Canon and Sony do this by focusing their internal R&D efforts on the commercialisation of technology, while going...
Technology & innovation management