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Leveraging ICT for a World-Class Education System

Momentous ICT-Enabled Opportunities Lie Ahead for the Education System

It is widely accepted that education is paramount in a knowledge-based society. Young Shim Dho, South Korea’s ambassador to UNWTO, once said, “Education is what transformed our country from poverty to the 14th-largest economy in the world.” Yet, education itself is today on the brink of the most...
Public services, Technology & innovation management

Capability Roadmapping – developing the means to an end

Technology roadmaps can be a powerful tool to align research and technology development activities with business aims. However, they are not so helpful when it comes to defining exactly how the company can get there. This article takes the concept of roadmapping one step further, looking at the...
Technology & innovation management

The Connected Car – Finally Coming True?

Die Vision des “Connected Car” oder allgemeiner des “Connected Vehicle” besteht schon seit Längerem, allerdings ohne signifikanten Einfluss auf die Industrie. Durch die zunehmende Bedeutung des mobilen Internets steht das Thema heute ganz oben auf der Agenda der OEMs. Trotz standardisierter und...
Automotive, Technology & innovation management

Transformation by Radical Innovation

Turning Megatrends and Emerging Technologies into Growth Opportunities

“The most successful companies spend 1/3 of their R&D budget on radical innovation” While in the past, successful companies prospered by focusing on incremental innovation, tweaking existing products and processes, today they face difficulties competing with start-ups and younger companies with...
Organization & transformation, Technology & innovation management

At the Other End of Innovation

Product Portfolio Complexity Reduction

Furthermore, market adaptations, customizations, and product line extensions keep adding variants to both new and old products, all with good intentions to generate revenue growth. However, there is a risk that these will drive internal inefficiencies and potential margin erosion. Arthur D. Little’...
Technology & innovation management

The Growth Accelerator

Managing Innovation Based Growth

Growth is on the top of the management agenda as shareholders simply demand return on invested capital and current business is not delivering. So what is the best route companies can take to achieve it? How can companies create and accelerate growth? To succeed, companies must take a systematic...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Assessing innovation and R&D capabilities across multi-

Over the last decades most global companies have evolved to organize their innovation efforts through an “open innovation” model with individual research centers. Globalization and mergers & acquisitions have changed these networks, making them more complex to manage successfully. A robust...
Oil & gas, Utilities & alternative energy, Technology & innovation management

The Creativity Era – a new paradigm for business

The new economic environment combines hypercompetition, faster product lifecycles and more empowered consumers to change the rules of the game for companies wanting to succeed. To meet these challenges a new paradigm for business is emerging – the age where creativity wins. In this article the...
Technology & innovation management

Protecting what matters for your business

Assess your security readiness to protect your assets from next generation attacks

Arthur D. Little provides holistic analysis support to identify the weaknesses with respect to industry benchmarks. On basis of a quick assessment we show experience based and actionable steps to close security gaps.
Technology & innovation management

Getting a better return on your innovation investment

Most executives need no convincing that investing in innovation is a good thing, but there is little empirical evidence about what really works in terms of managing the process. Arthur D. Little’s 8th Global Innovation Survey provides some answers, with a thorough analysis of more than 70 different...
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