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Sustainable Development: The Technology Management

To the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the technology management group in your company, sustainable development may appear to be someone else's challenge. But appearances can be deceiving. Leading companies are finding that dealing effectively with sustainable development requires significant...
Strategy, Sustainability

A Competitive Framework for Environmental, Health, and

Business pressures are rapidly reshaping how environmental, health, and safety (EHS) managers and their organisations serve companies. For several years, EHS managers at leading companies have sought to integrate EHS issues and activities with business processes and help their organisations look...
Strategy, Sustainability

Environmental, Health, and Safety Auditing: Meeting New

Companies first began to audit their activities for environmental, health, and safety issues in the 1970s. The goal was to provide assurance to their boards of directors that their operations complied fully with government regulations and company guidelines for environmental, health, and safety...
Strategy, Corporate finance, Sustainability

The Environmental Challenge of Going Global

Conventional wisdom holds that as transnational companies expand into new sites and markets, they leave behind North America's and Northern Europe's stringent environmental, health, and safety performance requirements. The reality is quite different. Leading transnational companies have known for...
Strategy, Sustainability

Sustainable Development: A Path for Getting Closer to

Long–term, profitable growth is becoming increasingly difficult to create. Products that once occupied secure niches are becoming commoditized. Brands in areas as disparate as automobiles and electronics are losing their power to retain customers. Manufacturers are losing control over suppliers and...
Strategy, Sustainability

Environmental Performance and Business Success - The

"Environmental protection is a question of long–term survival for individuals, companies, and society. Activities must be adapted to nature's own limitations in terms of resource use and pollution. Environmental care must be a cornerstone in our operations and must characterize our daily work."Leif...
Strategy, Sustainability