2019 World Materials Forum
13 June 2019

Measuring our progress on using materials smarter, less and longer

For the third year in a row, Arthur D. Little participated in the World Materials Forum (WMF), an annual forum on cutting-edge performance in materials.

Held in Nancy (France), the WMF gathers more than 300 CEOs and top executives from global mining and manufacturing companies and startups, with the key objective to decorrelate economic growth from materials consumption.

Vincent Bamberger, Managing Partner at Arthur D. Little Paris and Brussels, was one of the key speakers at the conference. Along with the CEOs and VPs of Saint-Gobain, Mitsubishi Motors, Renault-Nissan, Goldman Sachs and Ecobank, he participated in a plenary session dedicated to material efficiency KPIs, entitled “Measuring our progress on using materials smarter, less and longer.” Vincent gave an insightful talk where he presented an overview of KPIs to make steel use and its end-of-life recycling more efficient.

Since 2016, the WMF and Arthur D. Little have worked together on measuring material efficiency, which has become a major topic for decision makers (companies and regulators) and now final consumers. Monitoring, reporting and improving material efficiency is now a must-have. In previous conference editions, Arthur D. Little identified 9 cross-industry material efficiency KPIs and tested them on different industries from automotive to telecommunications. At this year’s conference, Arthur D. Little applied those KPIs to a specific material (steel) through a value chain approach, and identified 3 KPIs that must be monitored as a priority to improve the overall steel material efficiency.

Beyond steel, we observe that these material efficiency KPIs are being implemented by an increasing number of companies. In fact, as pressure is intensifying from multiple stakeholders (companies, customers, investors and regulators), this KPIs approach is needed even more. Measuring material efficiency is definitely a game changing opportunity for all industries.

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