Next Generation applications in a Gigaworld

Liberty Global World Economic Forum 2017 Breakfast Workshop

Broadband connectivity has increased exponentially since 20 years and so far, end users’ usage has always followed. Soon many European households will have access to very high capacity networks, bringing Gigabit speeds and high quality broadband to consumers and businesses. Embarked on a journey towards a Gigaworld, our society will see next-generation applications like “enhanced discovery”, new forms of telepresence and “automated things”. These families of applications are expected to be the front-runners requiring both increased bandwidth and improved quality of service. Which applications will drive demand for more and better internet services? How much time before science-fiction becomes reality? Will the lack of coverage of Very High Capacity networks delay adoption? Will new business models emerge to secure end-to-end management of quality of service? Will SME’s and citizens acquire sufficient digital competences to unlock the potential of next-generation applications? The session will include illustrations of next generation applications, including a live demonstration of a holographic telepresence.