Young Innovation Leader of the Year 2015
07 December 2015

Show your potential for innovation

On December 7th 2015 a senior jury with broad experience from both industry and academia appointed Michel Westher as the Young Innovation Leader of the Year during the award ceremony held in Stockholm. The jury’s motivation was: “An inspiring innovation leader with a great entrepreneurial drive, both from a commercial perspective and from a societal perspective. Strong ability to identify customer needs and transform it into innovative solutions and offerings” 
With the “Young Innovation Leader Award” Arthur D. Little wants to recognize individuals who show potential to become leaders in a new business era where creativity and innovation will be essential to become competitive. 
Young Innovation Award 2015 finalists 

  • Michel Westher (26) – M.Sc. student within Management of Economics and Innovation at Chalmers, co-founder of five companies, CEO, member of IVA Student advisory board 
  • Roland Zonai (22) – M.Sc. student within Bio- Entrepreneurship at Karolinska Institute, co-founder of company, elected into the 50 most talented Hungarian young leaders 
  • Allen Ali Mohammadi (26) – Double M.Sc. degrees, co-founder of companies, winner of multiple innovation awards, co-writer of four journals, four publications and a book 
  • Joakim Sjöblom (25) – B.Sc. student within Business administration at Skövde university, founder and CEO of companies, participant in TV8’s Draknästet and TV4’s Uppfinnarna, board member of Ung företagsamhet

The jury consists of six executives

  • Laurent Leksell: Chairman of the Board and Founder Elekta AB 
  • Ulla-Britt Fräjdin-Hellqvist: Business Advisor, Chairman Kongsberg Automotive, member of numerous of boards and former Vice President Volvo Cars 
  • Mats Magnusson: Professor in Product Innovation Engineering KTH 
  • Magnus Karlsson: Director New Business Development & Innovation Ericsson, Chairman Innovationsledarna, Adjunct Professor KTH 
  • Nils Bohlin: Global Practice Leader Healthcare Arthur D. Little 
  • Sohrab Kazemahvazi (chairman): Manager Arthur D. Little and Research Associate University of Cambridge