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Crisis impacts on Transport & Logistics

This article explains how the current economic environment affects transport & logistics companies' P&L. Pedro Ugarte, Manager from Arthur D. Little's Madrid's office, was interviewed on the issue. He explained the impact the decrease in the number of movements, the fuel prices and the...
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Railway industry boosts

This article explains how climate change and cities' growth are pushing a sector controlled by three main players (Bombardier, Alstom & Siemens) with some challengers (CAF, Talgo and chinese companies). Alejandro González, Principal from Arthur D. Little's Madrid's office, was interviewed on...
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Prepare for take-off

In an article discussing the right strategies for growth before a business can hope to prosper again, Stefan Stern references Arthur D. Little’s "Ten management priorities for today and tomorrow" PRISM article.
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Consulting Challenge

Westernising Soviet Bloc Businesses

Dean Brabec is quoted in an article that discusses upcoming trends coming out of the former Soviet bloc from a consulting perspective.
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Another carbon index shows industry remains keen

Full page write-up following the Global Carbon Equity Index launch announcement. This includes a quote from Davide Vassallo.
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News in brief: High hopes for carbon index

A short article in this UK national paper announces the launch of Arthur D. Little’s Global Carbon Equity Index. The article includes a quote from Davide Vassallo.
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The greenhouse effect is measured on the list

Full page feature article on Arthur D. Little’s Global Carbon Equity Index that includes an interview quote from Davide Vassallo.
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A dear commodity

Any company’s supply chain may easily be affected in summer months during water draughts that occur in some countries. A recent study by Arthur D. Little on the water margin pointed out four main pillars concerning water supply: disruption of business processes, as water shortages endanger the...
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Why do we fly?

The international aviation industry expects to lose $5.6bn in 2010. Rising operational costs and current overcapacities are seen as the major problems. There are still too many airlines in the market. Governments often fund their national airlines so that natural shake-outs don’t work. This is one...
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Airlines becoming ever more alike

The business models of the airline industry are fast getting ever more alike as a result of the crisis in the aviation industry and in conjunction', i.e. charging for some services that were formerly included is 'en vogue'. "When it comes to costs though, there is still a tremendous difference...
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