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"Save the World"

In this live webinar broadcast on Accountancy Age, Melissa Barrett contributes to a discussion on integrating carbon emissions into a business’s asset management program. She also comments on the Carbon Recruitment Commitment by saying, "CRC shouldn’t be seen as the driving force. There are...
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Siegeszug der Breitband-Verbindungen

NZZ Fokus is a focus dossier of the daily newspaper "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" and combines the best articles about telecommunication during the last few years. Arthur D. Little managed to appear with an article about our Global Broadband Report 2005 in this prestigious edition.
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Es kommen weniger Auslandfirmen

Arthur D. Little Switzerland created a huge media interest with it's "Headquarter on the move" study about trends in Headquarters relocations and Headquarters redesign. This article with citations from Thiemo Rehländer was published in one of the most high-circulation daily newspapers in...
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Industry beats Services

This article explains how and why Industry firms apply Energy Efficiency measures much more intensively than Services firms. Antonio España, Principal from Arthur D. Little’s Energy Practice in Spain, was interviewed on the issue and explained energy has a greater impact on Industry firms P&L...
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Green initiatives are not high on Gulf telecoms firms...

This article explains Arthur D. Little’s survey on Telecoms companies in the MENA region. Slim Saidi from Arthur D. Little declares that carbon and energy management must be at the top of the agenda, particularly with Copenhagen on the horizon which may change the market.
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Twitter strives to go public

Twitter‘s business model is still developing. In the near future the tiny messages will contain advertising slogans so that operators can finally make money with the service. But experts are rather skeptical. People do not accept advertising in social networks, says Klaus von den Hoff from Arthur D...
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Merely a bubble?

Sustainability is increasingly gaining in importance even for management consultancies. In the 1920s Arthur D. Little already recommended to their client Campbell, to use the rubbish, resulting from the production of soups as food for animals. Therefore, the topic is nothing new, says Marc...
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Emirates can feel the upturn

Impulses for economic growth in the international aviation industy recently come from the Middle East, especially Emirates Airlines based in Dubai who are planning to expand further. The Middle East-carriers can make more use of the economic upturn in Asia than their competitors from Europe and the...
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Leasing growth comes to an end

Year after year the leasing industry was used to set new records. As a result of 2009’s recession, leasing companies do not only suffer from a lower demand but also from a lack of new leasing contracts. Some players will not have any chance for new business in the future. If those players did not...
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Nokia, mobile operator, was awarded by Arthur D. Little for...

Nokia expressed a clear interest towards emerging countries' middle segment in their mid-range products. Their strategy consisted of spreading their distribution channels and launch shopping centres outside international cities in China. They also developed simplified mobile phone models to compete...
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