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The former CEO of Charleroi airport reflects on the past years. He mentions the ADL project where we assisted in the privatisation of the Charleroi South Airport.
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"Controversies about the digital dividend"

The business weekly Format presents the new Telekom trends for 2010 in great detail. Karim Taga is the only consultant, who is quoted on the topic Digital Dividend. His main message, "Splitting up infrastructure is an international trend, which is going to reach Austria as well."
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"Copenhagen as the last wake-up-call for entrepreneurs...

Throughout half a page in Standard, Stefan Hund comments on the climate summit and on the topic of sustainability. His main message: Sustainability mutates from a PR practice into a main part of future business model.
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"Seven trends for new chances"

The business weekly Format provides a three-page-insight into the new book of Micheal Traem "Innovate Your Company" and an interview about his main messages.
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"Is it time to set carbon emissions standards?"

For this broadcast interview, David Lyon, alongside PriceWaterhouseCooper’s sustainable development partner Alan McGill, speak with Gavin Hinks about the lack of standardized method for carbon accounting, and their suggestions for the future.
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"Profession is through worst of times"

While we are not yet through the period of crisis, and the early signs of economic recovery remain pretty feeble, nonetheless something almost like optimism is beginning to emerge in some consulting firms. Dr. Michael Traem is quoted in the article saying; "We have experienced the worst and...
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"Daily rates fail to match fall in demands"

Consultancy today is a buyer’s market and the boom days of more demand than the industry can satisfy seems a long way off; in fact firms are facing a much tougher world. Mark Mulcahey contributes to this by saying; "The genuine expertise, innovation, and creativity that once attracted the best...
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"Save the World"

In this live webinar broadcast on Accountancy Age, Melissa Barrett contributes to a discussion on integrating carbon emissions into a business’s asset management program. She also comments on the Carbon Recruitment Commitment by saying, "CRC shouldn’t be seen as the driving force. There are...
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Siegeszug der Breitband-Verbindungen

NZZ Fokus is a focus dossier of the daily newspaper "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" and combines the best articles about telecommunication during the last few years. Arthur D. Little managed to appear with an article about our Global Broadband Report 2005 in this prestigious edition.
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Es kommen weniger Auslandfirmen

Arthur D. Little Switzerland created a huge media interest with it's "Headquarter on the move" study about trends in Headquarters relocations and Headquarters redesign. This article with citations from Thiemo Rehländer was published in one of the most high-circulation daily newspapers in...
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