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Lyons Carex

The rail cargo at high speed

Certified "Grenelle de l’environnement", Carex project has just got a European dimension thanks to the creation of Euro Carex. (...) The study was conducted by Arthur D. Little and reveals that the new railway line could manage a round trip a day in 2012 and up two from 2016.
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Thomas Cook re-animates its brand

Seven years ago Thomas Cook closed down its Air Marin. Now the company wants to concentrate on attracting individual tourists and wants to re-animate its brand. The segment called “dynamic packaging” offers customers to configure their individual wishes and needs for their journey. Today, 6% of all...
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Pharmaceutical companies have a pragmatic approach

Considered as the big winner against pandemic flu, vaccine manufacturers have to kiss goodbye the sale millions of doses of vaccines in France, a rather limited financial setback.
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French pharmaceutical Industry

Employment on the decline from 2008

Strategy consultancy firm Arthur D. Little has listed the 3 main reasons explaining why the number of staff representatives in France is declining: the booming market of generic drugs (i.e. from prescriber to pharmacist), the shift of product portfolio towards hospital products (i.e., focused...
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ADL forges its future by going back to its roots

This article is an interview with Arthur D. Little’s CEO Michael Traem which discusses Arthur D. Little’s emergence from Chapter 11 in 2002 due to focus on 'strategy, innovation and technology'. Traem encourages companies to be innovative during the recession instead of centring on pure cost...
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Report: IPTV growth hinges on an open standard

A report from the management consultancy Arthur D. Little concludes that the telecom industry must work collectively to develop a global IPTV standard. An open approach to developing STB standards is the best path to achieving rapid price decreases and mass-market distribution.
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IPTV growth hinges on an open standard according to report

A report presented by Arthur D. Little concludes that IPTV growth hinges on an open standard. The consulting company advises the industry to work collectively in order to reach a global IPTV standard that can drive development and reduce cost for all players.
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Fear of chaos in the TV room

Risk of increased costs and decreased quality for future TV services, unless something is done

IPTV takes television to the internet and enables communication in all directions. However, a report by Arthur D. Little concludes that there are several obstacles that could be detrimental to new services. The market is fragmented and producers need to work collectively to ensure common standards.
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Nobody seizes the opportunities created by crisis

Paolo Guidelli Guidi, senior advisor at ADL Rome office, wrote an article appeared in the Automotive Report section of Il Sole 24 Ore (the main Italian economic daily newspaper). In this article, Paolo states that the European Automotive sector has not seized the opportunities of change created by...
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World city secret Europe

The densely populated Ruhr area with its 5.3 million inhabitants in the western part of Germany is now Europe‘s Capital of Culture. The whole region will attain stimuli for more development by 2,500 cultural events: They will not only polish the region's reputation but also attract many tourists. A...
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