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Pharmaceutical industry is facing unprecedented social tensions

The social environment is deteriorating in the pharmaceutical industry. On Sept 24th, 2009, American BMS confirmed their Epernon (west of Paris) factory would close and result in a loss of 223 jobs. According to Arthur D. Little, within the next few years the pharmaceutical industry will experience...
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Online gambling: Experts fear to see the number of addicts go up

Gambling addiction experts fear an increase in the number of pathological gamblers - especially among young people. Because of the online gambling market opening up and operators now being allowed to advertise, Arthur D. Little’s research shows the turnover generated by online gaming and that...
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Fleet of vehicles in companies: Small adjustments could improve the situation

According to French Observatoire du Véhicule d'entreprise, a research institute that monitors corporate car fleets, the car industry, as a whole, went down 7-10% in 2009. New regulations regarding the environment have been introduced and have inevitably hurt the situation even more. According to...
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Low carbon economy era

Arthur D. Little strongly suggests that when companies plan long term growth, they must take into account their carbon footprint. Even if the company believes this could be unfavourable in relation to their competitors who have already incorporated sustainable parameters and/or new players in...
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Hans Smits, topman van de haven van Rotterdam blijft optimistisch ondanks...

Full page interview with CEO of Port of Rotterdam, Hans Smit, and former ADL director (currently president of Advisory Council for Arthur D. Little Netherlands). Mr. Smit remains positive despite the negative impact of the crisis on traffic in Rotterdam.
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Innovation driven acquisitions: ready to kick start the revival of the M&A...

Innovation driven acquisitions: ready to kick start the revival of the M&A market? These types of acquisitions are of continued importance and might even breathe life into the M&A market.
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Laurent Ledoux, economiste et philosophe

Interview with Laurent Ledoux, a former ADL director at the Brussels Office, on his work as managing director of BNP Paribas Fortis' public banking department.
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World Airport Report

All good things come to an end with airport passenger growth being no exception! After years of robust expansion 2009 looks dismal: Some airports like Vienna and Brussels will have to live with double-digit plunges. There are noteworthy differences among the regions though. While the performance of...
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The Dual Platform Paris-Amsterdam

This article is on the merger of Air France and KLM and its effect on the business. Mathieu Blondel, a manager at Arthur D. Little in Paris is quoted on how companies with multi hubs exist elsewhere and citing major airline holding companies who function out of 4 or 5 large hubs.
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The Eternal Circle

45% of all expenditure in German industry is on materials, with costs for personnel costs not even reaching 20%. Businesses are paying out approximately 500 billion euros per year for steel, plastic and intermediate products. More efficient production processes and more modern technical plants...
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