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The white giant

Decrease in milk sales, price pressure from foreign competitors, angry farmers: The milk business is getting harder and harder. The consulters from Arthur D. Little see only one solution for the Austrian dairies: expansion.  “It would be economically reasonable for them to look to new markets...
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Innovation Hunting can revive mergers and acquisitions

A dedicated article to Arthur D. Little on innovation being a driver for M&A activity. Herman Vantrappen, a Director in Arthur D. Little’s Strategy and Organisation Practice in Belgium is featured.
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The Dual Platform Paris-Amsterdam

This article is on the merger of Air France and KLM and its effect on the business. Mathieu Blondel, a manager at Arthur D. Little in Paris is quoted on how companies with multi hubs exist elsewhere and citing major airline holding companies who function out of 4 or 5 large hubs.
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The Eternal Circle

45% of all expenditure in German industry is on materials, with costs for personnel costs not even reaching 20%. Businesses are paying out approximately 500 billion euros per year for steel, plastic and intermediate products. More efficient production processes and more modern technical plants...
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Franklin et Frieh & Associés interviennent sur la...

Created in 1978 in France, the Marles Group has become the European leader in steel implants. Investment Fund Carlyle, wishing to acquire the company, asked Arthur D. Little (Frederic Thomas and Guillaume Warnan) to provide them with a strategic due diligence which they did. They now own 80% of the...
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Fall of the Moravia Energo company

In this article, Dean Brabec from Arthur D. Little’s Energy & Utilities Practice answers among others, the following questions: Did the fall of the Moravia Energo company come out of the blue? Was it possible to predict the situation, or even to prevent it? Where to look for the main causes of...
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500 employees will be given notice at Malmö University...

Malmö University Hospital has financial problems, the total deficit for 2009 and 2010 amount to SEK 300 million. An analysis from management consultancy Arthur D. Little shows that this corresponds to 670 full-time employees. However with other cost-cuttings added, the Hospital Director believes...
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Ryanair is benefiting from the current recession, says airline boss Michael O'Leary. But he’s suffered a dampner not only in his attempts to negotiate crisis-induced super-discounts with Airbus, airports are also no longer willing to meet the Irish low-cost airline part-way in its demands for fee...
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Fears over Chavez Threaten Oil Auction

The future of one of the world's biggest oil auctions is in jeopardy as Venezuela's socialist government and oil companies remain at loggerheads over terms to develop a key oil field. Repeated delays in the bidding for rights to exploit the Orinoco Belt reflect investor concerns about political...
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Chrysler’s Bankruptcy Protection

Dr. Thomas Schiller was invited to this 30 minutes live programme to address Chrysler’s bankruptcy protection issues. Chrysler, the third-largest American automaker, filed for bankruptcy last Thursday after months of negotiations with regulators, unions and creditors fell apart when a small group...
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