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What’s next for petroleum downstream

New business models are critical for a downstream sector supplying energy to a changing mobility market. In this article, Daniel Monzón, Rodolfo Guzman, Alfredo Verna and Micaela Carlino at Arthur D Little, consider the challenges and opportunities facing downstream players.
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Utilities & alternative energy, Strategy

Big feature: Historic opportunities presented by smart cities

Experts from the Arthur D Little consultancy provide a detailed overview of the historic, “trillion-dollar” opportunity presented by the move to smart cities, in this article by Ralf Baron, Morsi Berguiga, Jaap Kalkman, Adnan Merhaba, Ansgar Schlautmann and Karim Taga.
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Implementing a Digital Strategy in Five Fundamental Steps

In our work with clients we see commonly recurring pitfalls that often lead to failure in digital implementation, including: unrealistic expectations of technology; believing a new technology system will fundamentally transform the organizational culture and employees will simply adapt; creating a...
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Leveraging E-learning for Knowledge Sharing in Industrial Equipment...

Today's global trends, such as the high speed of innovation and technological change, require industrial equipment manufacturing companies to be agile and quickly implement sustainable changes to survive. To do so, companies need to continuously train employees to ensure they possess the right...
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The Future of Diesel Engines and how OEMs can shape it

Despite an anticipated decline in the overall diesel market share in the years to 2030, demand for diesel is expected to continue to remain above 50% in medium-upper car segments. In this article, Fabrizio Arena, Hiroto Suzuki, Eric Kirstetter, Wolf-Dieter Hoppe and Daniele Spera of Arthur D....
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The Wall Street Journal Europe – As Gore Told Trump…

This article mentions a new study from Arthur D. Little which finds that, over its lifecycle, an electric car will generate just 23% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a gasoline powered car. If every car on earth were electric, this translates into a mere 1.8% decline in total emissions. Yet...
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Are electric cars more environmentally friendly than internal combustion...

This article discusses a new study of the real impact of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) compared to internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs), in terms of both total cost of ownership (net of public subsidies) and environmental impact. “Do BEVs truly offer an environmental advantage – and if so...
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Road Safety Risk Management and Corporate Reputation

With more than one-quarter of the 1.25 million deaths on the road each year attributable to work-related driving, the threat posed to sustainable business performance due to confining safety risk management to on-site activities is clear. As defensive driver training and driver-monitoring...
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Risk, Sustainability

E-Learning for versatile training and communication in manufacturing

Industrial leaders are pursuing varieties of global transformation initiatives driven by digitalization. E-learning is one of the key elements when it comes to scaling up these initiatives, enabling fast and efficient capability building among the workforce, and thereby ensuring fast payback times...
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Technology & innovation management

Arthur D. Little: “The True Economic and Environmental Costs of Battery...

A new study of the real impact of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) compared to internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs), in terms of both total cost of ownership (net of public subsidies) and environmental impact, reveals no easy choice for eco-minded consumers. Do BEVs truly offer an...
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