Arthur D. Little unites international CEOs to help combat COVID-19 business threats
March 2020 - United Kingdom

Global management consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) has initiated an international platform for CEOs to exchange crisis management experiences while dealing with COVID-19. Under the motto, “Learning from each other and coping with the crisis together,” the aim of the pro bono initiative is to build a pool of experience and provide companies and public institutions with knowledge on how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

To achieve this, ADL is holding one-hour conference calls with CEOs of critical infrastructures (energy, transport, telecommunications and logistics) from countries including Greater China, Singapore and Italy. The purpose of each call is for the CEO to share with other CEOs best practice on their experiences of dealing with the current COVID-19 crisis and provide analysis of their tried, tested and effective measures. To allow all to access these crisis management experiences, ADL will shortly be publishing an in-depth report that will be fully downloadable for free from its global website.

“In challenging times, rapid and global measures are required for the effective transfer of know-how between decision-makers,” comments Ignacio García Alves, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arthur D. Little. “With each country facing different stages of COVID-19, it is important for those who are just at the beginning of the crisis to learn from those who have already put effective measures in place. At ADL it has always been our mission to help CEOs to anticipate whatever disruption they might be facing to ensure business continuity. Let’s work together to defeat COVID-19 by spreading knowledge and best practice quicker than the virus!”  

Karim Taga, Managing Partner of Arthur D. Little and in charge of the Global TIME (Telecommunications, Information Technology, Media and Electronics) Practice says, “After seeing how COVID-19 is affecting businesses globally, we came up with the idea of connecting international CEOs to find out how they were going about their crisis management. Our conference calls have shown how focused action is being taken during this crisis, but most importantly, we are realizing how important cohesion is – in companies, in cooperation with government measures, and with public authorities. We hope that by setting up this platform, we will be able to educate a wider audience with best practices and learnings during this very uncertain time.”

Saverio Caldani, Managing Partner of Arthur D. Little Italy and Spain, says, “Italy and Spain have both been particularly impacted by COVID-19. Although we are working remotely, our teams are doing their best to ensure our clients have the support they need as we all navigate this new virtual world. ADL’s COVID-19 report will be a game-changer, and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative and strategic solutions during these challenging times.”

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