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Having established the connection of Integrity + Innovation = Sustainable Performance in its report last year, a new study continues Arthur D. Little's exposition of this relationship by showing how companies are making most of it in the real world. The I + I value formula for corporate sustainability has been a key success factor behind retail giant Marks & Spencer, telecommunications behemoth BT, healthcare specialist Novo Nordisk, and global banking leader HSBC. The new report "Sustainable Performance Delivered" looks at how leading businesses are delivering sustainable performance through an intense focus on integrity and innovation. Arthur D. Little's latest study provides an insight into the market drivers of sustainable performance, and how companies can enhance the effectiveness of their response to these by strengthening the integrity and innovation dimensions of their business. "Our research has shown that clarity and common sense are still in short supply when it comes to the sustainability of business," reflects Richard Clarke, Director of Arthur D. Little's Global Sustainability Practice. "However, more leading companies are demonstrating - through example - how focusing on enhanced integrity and innovation, at the right levels of decision making and in relevant aspects of human behavior, yields better business performance that can be sustained over the longer term." Evaluating innovation is as complex as evaluating integrity. However, more than a century's experience in innovation management has led Arthur D. Little to develop rapid and accurate assessment tools that enable companies to establish a clear vision at board level of how innovation and integrity pay substantial dividends in raising the corporate performance.  Sustainable Performance Delivered is now available for download at

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Arthur D. Little (ADL), founded in 1886, is a leading global management consulting firm that links strategy, innovation and technology to master complex business challenges while delivering sustainable results to our clients.  Arthur D. Little has a collaborative client engagement style, exceptional people, and a firm-wide commitment to quality and integrity.  ADL is proud to serve many of the Fortune 100 companies globally in addition to many other leading firms and public sector organisations.  Arthur D Little has over 30 offices worldwide, employing over 1,000 people.

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