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Building the Power Partnership: Some Rules of the Game for CEOs and Their Boards

One of history's most remarkable organizational achievements is the large public enterprise governed by an independent board of directors. It has served society well for most of this century as an unrivaled creator of wealth, employment, social services, and benefits.

Strategic Technology Leveraging: Managing the Next Generation of Complexity

As the costs and the risks of acquiring advanced technology have escalated, businesses have come under pressure to increase the value of their technology by accelerating the pace of its development and expanding its profitable application. This pressure is driving major changes in sourcing...

Business and the Environment: The Shape of Things to Come

Business and the Environment: The Shape of Things to Come

The Role of Government in Fostering Innovation

The powerful role traditionally played by governments in fostering private-sector innovation is now expanding, and savvy companies are taking full advantage of a wide range of governmental support, both traditional and new.

Measurement for Environmental Effectiveness

Most major businesses spend more than two percent of sales on environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance. Yet, remarkably, most of them measure that performance only to the extent required by regulation. Worse, at a time when increasing accountability means rising risk, the measures they...

Viewpoint Reflections on Critical Technologies

Before I address individual technologies, let me set the stage by reviewing four technology-related concerns that are uppermost in the minds of demanding technology users: productivity, ease of use, location-independence, and trustability.

Finding Common Ground Through Alliances and Partnerships

Editor's note: Patrick Noonan is a conservationist, dedicated to preserving nature, protecting resources, and cleaning up pollution. Paul Chellgren is an industrialist, dedicated to using natural resources to make products that are useful to society, challenging nature, and creating goods and...

Lessons From Product Juggernauts

When the shouting is over, one fact is clear: what differentiates perennially great companies from others is the products they sell. Some companies generate a never-ending stream of products that are appealing to customers and profitable to produce. Other companies achieve product innovation in...

Listening to Customers

Our clients are keenly interested in learning how they can find out what their customers really want. They pose this question to us not so much in terms of product line extensions or incremental improvements, but in terms of really exciting new breakthrough products. Like all companies everywhere,...

Viewpoint Multimedia Technology: Social Issues and Implications

Within the next decade, many of us will be able to turn on our digital television sets and receive programming that is tailored to our individual interests - as well as interactive access to worldwide databases and communications. Maintenance technicians will be able to rotate a picture of a...