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Removing the Barriers to Becoming a High Performance Business

Two years ago, one of our clients, the international Morgain Group (not its real name) tried to implement its internal vision of the High Performance Business. Having analyzed the sometimes conflicting needs of interested parties, Morgain had focused its efforts on improving crossfunctional...

Viewpoint Organisational Learning: The Key to Success in the 1990s

Ray Stata is chairman and CEO of Analog Devices, Inc. This article is based on a presentation Mr. Stata made to Arthur D. Little staff members in June 1992.

The Russian Republic: Issues and Opportunities

Jeffrey Sachs is currently leading a team of economic advisers to Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Frank Yans is a vice president of Arthur D. Little, Inc. This conversation took place on April 30 at Professor Sachs' home in Newton, Massachusetts.

Privatising Privatisation: The Czech Experience

As the dust begins to settle almost three years after the collapse of the Iron Curtain, the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic (often referred to as the C.S.F.R.) has emerged with what is arguably the boldest policy on privatisation among the former Eastern Bloc countries. Unlike Hungary, Poland,...

Communications: What CEOs Need to Know

To do their jobs well, the CEO and management team of any organization must meet the needs of several important constituencies, including their customers, employees, owners, competitors, suppliers, and the community - each of which interacts uniquely with management. The success or failure of those...

How the New Telecommunications Will Change the Way We Live

Since 1984, the fateful year of divestiture, the historic trickle of new telecommunications products and services has swelled to a flood. Today, telephone companies are rapidly upgrading networks and implementing software platforms that will reduce the time required to introduce new services from...

Viewpoint Continuous Renewal at Motorola

Few of the challenges of leadership are as pressing as the task of addressing ourselves to the renewal of the dynamic high-technology industries. This paper contains a potpourri of thoughts on this subject.

Identifying Strategic Environmental Opportunities: A Life Cycle Approach

Leading companies now recognize that commitment to the environment can help them not only avoid costly problems or liabilities, but also identify environmentally based opportunities for competitive advantage. These opportunities take two forms: cost reduction and differentiation of products,...

Viewpoint Arthur D. Little's Experience with TQM

Arthur D. Little's experience with Total Quality Management (TQM) has both emerged from and helped to shape our corporate strategy, which, in turn, is designed to meet a number of goals. Although Arthur D. Little's goals predate our commitment to the specific techniques of TQM, in a sense they have...

Viewpoint Achieving Environmental Excellence: Ten Tools for CEOs

Achieving environmental excellence means addressing issues of planetary - if not cosmic - importance:How do we make sure that the products and by-products of our industrial society do no harm to our planet?How do we continue industrial growth while preserving the resources our grandchildren and...