A Conversation Profits with Principles - The Transformation of Royal Dutch/Shell
Issue 4, 1998
Utilities & alternative energy

With more than 100,000 employees and assets valued at $80 billion, the Royal Dutch/Shell Group is a global giant in the energy industry, involved in the whole production process of fossil fuels – – from initial prospecting and recovery to final sale – as well as other businesses, such as chemicals. Recently, the Group, which was established early in this century, has moved into the renewable energy business. Since the start of 1996, Shell has been effecting a radical transformation of its company structure. The goal of this transformation is twofold: to create a more flexible and cost-effective framework to meet the business challenges of the next century and to pursue a business focus driven by the interests – financial, social, and environmental – of Shell's customers and others. Arthur D. Little is helping Shell adapt its management framework to enable the company to put its sustainable development goals into practice.