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Overcoming the real barriers to entry into adjacent markets

Moving into adjacent markets is a common step among companies that have grown as much as they can in their home markets and wish to sustain high growth rates. However, many companies underestimate the difficulties involved, and the historical record is littered with cases of otherwise successful...

Finding new growth: the case for innovation by enhancement

Most companies aim their innovation efforts at seeking ways to protect and increase turnover of existing products and services within their existing customer base. Top innovators, however, take a different approach, spending time and money on finding ways to broaden their customer base through...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Interview with Dr. Victoria Franchetti Haynes

„Success through joint ventures“ We are happy to present you our interview with Dr.Victoria Franchetti Haynes who considers innovation as the avantgarde of global economic development.
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

An acronym-free primer on mobile payments

Mobile payments are the next big thing. But for outsiders the multitude of abbreviations and acronyms makes them difficult to understand. Our acronymfree primer explains what m-payment is and how it works. It also sheds light on the business potential of the industry and sets out the most promising...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Retooling your innovation engine for higher earnings from new products

Many companies are not reaping the profits from innovations that they were hoping for. One of the reasons is the way these companies approach their innovation efforts. In this article, the authors argue that an analysis-driven process is the most suitable one for companies in industries such as...
Technology & innovation management

How business leaders can care about the world - profitably

In today’s world the question of third party interests is of increasing importance as companies leave their footprint around the globe in different societies. How and to what degree should executives allow for these externalities? This article explores how companies can address the issue of third-...

A systems approach for accelerating innovation in regulated service industries

Even though innovation and regulation might not seem a natural fit, industries such as telecommunications and air travel are examples of areas that are both highly innovative and regulated. This article explains the prerequisites for innovation within an industry, and then considers the barriers...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Green cooperation - How supply chain partners can jointly reduce their costs...

Companies that only look into their own value chain operations often find they have reached a point where there is little room for further improvements. A new approach that can reap substantial benefits is to take a look at the integral supply chain perspective, which can not only improve your...
Operations management, Sustainability

Interview with Dae-whan Chang

Bonjoon Ku, principal, interviewed Dae-whan Chang, chairman and publisher of Maeil Business Newspaper Group. They used this invaluable opportunity to acquire insights from one of the most respected thought leaders in Korea regarding the future of the global economy and the "new normal" that...

Beyond the downturn: Waking up in a new world

In a survey conducted in March 2009, Arthur D. Little spoke to senior executives around the globe about the economic downturn. The survey focuses on what the crisis means to business and how executives can prepare for the return of better times. The results are not all gloom and doom. Business is...