From Process Management to Complexity Management
Issue 4, 1995

Last April, representatives of an elite group of pioneering companies gathered for two days in upstate New York to talk about the state of the art in process management and try to "push the envelope." These companies – Corning, DuPont, the Gartner Group, Hewlett–Packard, Marion Merrell Dow, MCI, PHH Vehicle Management Services, Texas Instruments, and Xerox – have already reaped substantial bottom–line benefits from their process redesign efforts. Global best practices are in place and efficiencies have been won, the result of analysis and insight. Process management is maturing at these companies, and they are moving on to a new cycle, the creation of learning organizations. The participants at the colloquium shared with each other highlights of what they've learned and discussed the issues they face as they redefine themselves for the future.