The Economics of Telecoms in France, 2013 edition
Arthur D. Little study “The Economics of Telecoms in France” is focused on the digital value chain and telecom operators’ role.

This study emphasizes the decisive contribution of telecoms operators to the economy among the contribution of other players of the digital ecosystem and the multiplier effect of telecom investments on the economy. Key learnings are the following:

  • The telecom sector contributes to shaping the future of the French economy
  • Despite a difficult environment, telecom operators are sustaining their level of investment
  • The European approach needs to change to favor investments
  • Two issues to deal with as priorities
  • Conclusion: For a digital New Deal
Part of the study is dedicated to the European approach towards the digital sector, as the European Commission proposes a new regulation project for 2014. See Arthur D. Little`s  “The Economics of Telecoms in France 2012” study for further reading.