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Perspectives on the Oil & Gas Industry 2017


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The energy industry, from oil and gas to utilities, is going through an unprecedented change. It’s a change similar to when the world moved from wood to coal, with the steam machine, or from coal to oil, when utilities centralized and the car industry took off early last century. Today, the shift is from hydrocarbons to alternative and renewable sources of energy. The change will be gradual from our perspective, but could be completed this century.

Historically, this is a revolution. It has huge implications on our businesses, on the way we organize and on the way we focus, from the R&D agenda to new business development focus and M&A. ADL’s Energy & Utility Practice works in the center of that change, and aspires to be your advisor and business counsellor of choice. To that end, we continuously conduct research and push the envelope with new thinking and drawing implications of the trends we see around us. We trust you will enjoy the reading, and are, of course, open to comments and discussion.

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