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Hydrogen at energy companies – A new game

Where and how should they get involved with hydrogen?

Many governments have placed hydrogen on their agendas for decarbonization, making hydrogen a decisive topic for energy suppliers as well. This becomes evident by the government’s commitment to funding projects that enable regions and municipalities to plan and implement pilot applications. After...
Utilities & alternative energy

Artificial intelligence in mobility

Beyond the hype, where the true value lies

After all the hype, driverless cars guided by artificial intelligence (AI) are still some years away. However, this is far from being the only application of AI in mobility and transport. There is still huge potential for AI to help solve many critical transportation and mobility challenges now and...
Travel & transportation

Why now is the time for banks to strategically review their IT spend

To deliver the future of banking, managing IT spend needs a new approach

IT spend is on the rise for banks. To deliver the future of banking, managing IT spend needs a new approach. Based on our experience and research from the past economic crisis, the most mature IT organizations responded faster during the downturn. IT total spend management is a crucial part of the...
Financial services

The game is changing

New rules reshaping wealth management

With its high price-to-earnings multiples and solid fundamentals, wealth management remains the most attractive banking segment. However, with revenue margins falling inexorably in past years, it’s evident that wealth managers have been struggling to realize the full potential of their client...
Financial services

Electric vehicle charging in the UK and Europe

Which business models will win in this growing multibillion-pound market?

Look at any urban environment in the UK and across Europe and one thing is very apparent: electric vehicles (EVs) have arrived! EVs (both battery electric [BEV] and plug-in hybrid [PHEV]) have evolved from niche technology into a serious alternative to combustion engines. Major manufacturers’...

Competence at the heart of a safe organization

Achieving consistently strong safety performance through a competent and capable workforce

Effective competence management is a fundamental component of any safe organization. Good competence management systems provide senior managers and executives with assurance that the workforce has sufficient skills, knowledge, and experience to undertake their roles and associated tasks safely....

Sustainability in the supply chain: The risks and the rewards

Supply chain sustainability risk management

Supply chain risk management is a key challenge for many companies and can be plagued by inadequate transparency, difficulty of control, and, in many cases, a lack of trust. As companies are urged to develop and publish sustainability policies, managing the risk of noncompliance against these...

Demystifying the Internet of Things for secure industrial transportation systems

The IIoT promises major efficiency gains, especially in industrial transportation. However, if not properly designed, it may become a major safety

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the enabling technology for industrial transportation companies to build the foundation for differentiating solutions and to create the mobility of the future. However, when deploying such innovations at the interface of information technology (IT) and...
Technology & innovation management

ESG – The irreversible mega-trend

Why ESG and sustainable finance are the new normal for financial institutions

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainable finance can no longer be thought of as nonessential niceties. They are game changers that together will reshape the financial services industry. As such, they will become a driving force behind banking, their impact felt both broad and...
Financial services

An unprecedented opportunity for a new start

Rethinking corporations’ role for a sustainable future

Contemporary society has not been effective in transforming discussions around sustainability into concrete and strategic actions. Today, we see the results in terms of climate change impacts, rising inequalities, and natural environment deterioration. The pandemic further highlighted the need for...
Organization & transformation