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Future of Mobility 2020

Whither the automotive industry?

The automotive industry is caught in the middle of a crisis of a magnitude it has never seen before. Over the short and medium term, the restructuring actions initiated now will help optimise cost structures, but will the long-term ability to compete be safeguarded? Will the automotive market...

Dealer Risk Assessment and Contingency Plan Development

Evaluating dealers' bankruptcy risk

The financial crisis and the credit crunch are taking their toll on automotive retailers all over the world. Dealer insolvencies directly translate into increasing risks in terms of sales volume to car manufacturers. Systematically assessing this risk is key and the first move towards taking...

Shifting Centers of Gravity

The End of the Automotive Industry As We Know It?

The global automotive industry is set to become a fascinating battleground over the next ten years as established OEMs from the triad markets wrestle with challenger OEMs from emerging markets for dominance. This report by Arthur D. Little identifies some of the strategies that emerging challenger...

Ensuring Survival

Business Models in a Low-Carbon World

Much to everybody’s surprise, the low-carbon bandwagon survived even a global downturn - it remains a real issue in the eyes of politicians and the public alike. We have not seen the end of risky financial decisions, but we have reached the end of a period when carbon became established as an...

Telecom Operators in a Carbon-Constrained World

Findings of an Arthur D. Little Survey in the Middle East and North Africa

As the world awaits a global carbon reduction commitment, Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) telecoms operators must do more to ensure that energy and carbon management positively affect their future growth, according to a new report by Arthur D. Little and Dubai Internet City.

Open Standards for IPTV Set-Top Boxes

What an Open Standard Could Do for the Success of IPTV

The global IPTV industry has experienced impressive growth, but penetration levels are still modest. To spur further development and to avoid sub-optimisation based on multiple proprietary systems, a common standard will be increasingly important. Since no single proprietary standard for IPTV STBs...

Time for Change

Oil Company Asset Management

Structural changes taking place in the oil supply outlook are making it very complex for international oil companies (IOCs) to pursue their key twin targets. Traditional models of asset management - focused on individual asset performance and short-term results - are already limiting what IOCs can...

Research & Technology Institutes

Meeting the Challenges of the Post-Recession World

Research and technology institutes (RTIs) around the world are facing a number of strategic and operational challenges: changes in their role, pressures on funding, more global competition, and increasing demands from their sponsors and customers. To adapt successfully, institutes need to avoid the...
Technology & innovation management

Improving Management of Potentially Catastrophic Risks

In the Oil & Gas Industry

During recent project experience, Arthur D. Little has developed a roadmap to establish the optimal EtR Evaluation Model. It is suited to the management and organisational arrangements of individual Oil & Gas companies (e.g. Governance Model, Field Portfolio Differentiation, Size etc.), and...

Putting the Focus Back Where it Belongs – on Business

Results of Arthur D. Little’s 2010 global survey on the economic crisis

To that end, Arthur D. Little has conducted a global survey among senior executives from companies of many different sizes and across all industries (please see insert for more about how the survey was conducted). This report provides a summary of the findings. In short, our conclusions are: A...