Managing the Customer Experience
by Dr. Michael Opitz, Matthias Riveiro, Sebastiàn Hormache
August 2013
Going from Good to Great

Despite the fact that Customer Experience Management (CEX) has been around for many years now, most companies still struggle to become great in delivering a superior experience to their customers. Today, Customer Experience Management is more important than ever as it plays a critical role in companies’ ability to differentiate. Also, companies outside the telecommunications industry, such as Apple or market players offering OTT services, are raising the bar of customers’ expectations of products and services. How does a company go from good to great? In our view, it is about delivering a branded, personalized, end-to-end experience across all touch points. For most companies, this requires a major transformation to become customer-centric across all activities. The ultimate objective is for the experience to exceed customers’ expectations, appeal to the customer on an emotional level and turn him into a fan.