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Omnichannel transformation

How to ensure success


To succeed on the omnichannel path, there are 5 key components that need to be tackled in their integrity – in this executive briefing series, we share key insight into how to achieve this.

Step-by-step we will reveal how to:

  1. Define your omnichannel strategy

  2. Design and differentiate omnichannel (OC) customer journeys

  3. Revamp main processes

  4. Build the required OC technology platforms

  5. Design an incentive scheme to encourage cross-channel collaboration

You can follow our approach on this site.

To embark on the omnichannel journey, define the key goal and marry this with a target picture and role for each channel.

Omnichannel champions pursue customer experience, revenue and cost ambitions, and achieve measurable results in these domains.

To WoW customers, a prioritized set of customer journeys based on customer behavior and analytics needs to be designed.

Four key process areas cause the biggest hurdle in operationalizing the omnichannel strategy; supply chain management needs to be flawless from day 1.

Single, front-end and inventory management, shared basket, and rules engine are key technological levers to enable omnichannel.

Channel incentives are one of the key levers to stir channel collaboration: to break channel siloes, individual channels need to be awarded for supporting cross-channel sales.

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