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Strategic Options in the Fleet Service Market

Confronting Risk and Seizing Opportunity in an Evolving Market

Arthur D. Little recently completed a comprehensive survey of all the major players in the fleet service sector in the top five European automotive fleet markets. To model the market, determine the relevant trends and derive strategic options, we held over 80 in-depth interviews with leaders and...

Captive Auto Insurances

An Untapped Downstream Profit Potential for Car Manufacturers

The need to prevent further erosion Independent car insurers keep professionalizing and optimizing their claims management not least by routing accidents to their preferred supplier repair shops. On top of that they are issuing more and more insurance products with binding repair shop regulations...

The New Reality of Network Cooperation

Mobile Network Operators Should Partner While the Window of Opportunity Exists

What is triggering the surge in cooperation? Maturing markets are forcing operators to find new ways to reach financial targets – and the financial crunch only brings more pressure to better manage CAPEX to sales ratios. Despite years of cost reductions and various levels of site sharing, there is...

Managing Technological Discontinuities

How Information & Communication Technologies Can Change Your Business

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are now an integral part of our environment and are among the most important drivers for innovation in many industry sectors. Whether complex control technologies in the field of machine tools, fly-by-wire systems in the aircraft industry or...
Technology & innovation management

Are Suppliers Poised for a Turnaround?

Arthur D. Little’s 2011 Telecoms Infrastructure Supplier Outlook

While established vendors have continued down their previous strategic paths, attempting to merge and integrate, Huawei came within a whisker of overtaking even Ericsson on a revenue market share basis. Moreover, most former sector leaders are still experiencing weak financial performance, and are...

Global CAPEX & Maintenance Forecast

Revised Using 2011 Model

By 2016 we predict that spending on new-build facilities in selected energy-based industries will increase by 3.8% CAGR, with maintenance spend showing overall growth of 4.1% CAGR to 2016 with most of the growth coming from outside Europe and North America. Our overall global forecast for growth...

Business Case for Corporate Responsibility

Business Case for Corporate Responsibility

In 2003, Arthur D. Little collaborated with Business in the Community to produce a concise report on current thinking on the business case for corporate responsibility, arguing that specific corporate responsibility initiatives and programmes require specific business cases. This report provides...

A Director's Guide to Corporate Responsibility Reporting

A guidebook by Arthur D. Little

This guide was compiled by a team comprising Arthur D Little, Business in the Community, Camelot and HBOS. The guide is designed to help directors and senior managers consider how best to develop an effective reporting strategy for corporate responsibility.

The Innovation High Ground

How Leading Companies are Using Sustainability-Driven Innovation to Win Tomorrow’s Customers

This report examines how leading companies are using sustainability-driven innovation to win customers for the future. Arthur D. Little collaborated with Hedstrom Associates to survey 40 technology companies in Europe, the US and Japan to see how they are creating new market space, products,...

Sustainable Performance

Research on environmental responsibility

Scratch the surface of many companies' claims on sustainable performance and what lies beneath leaves much to be desired. Research by Arthur D. Little, for example, shows that even among Nordic companies, widely regarded as among the most environmentally responsible of corporate citizens, the...