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Turning customers into subscribers – How to successfully

What customers expect from manufacturing businesses is changing, moving away from outright purchase- to subscription-based models. This offers opportunities and risks for traditional players, providing them with access to greater customer insight, but also lowering barriers for competitors. Based...
Marketing & sales

Unleashing innovation using low code/no code – The age of

As the saying goes,“software is eating the world,” forcing companies to change their business models and operations. In a highly competitive environment, ensuring they have the required software capabilities is a challenge. This article shows how adopting low-code/no-code techniques enables...
Digital problem solving, Information management

Realizing the potential of the Internet of Things with 5G

Despite the hype, the Internet of Things (IoT) has yet to deliver its promised benefits to industrial companies. The advent of 5G removes many of the technical barriers to its successful adoption, accelerating digitalization. However, as this article explains, realizing the potential of the IoT...

Blockchain in transport – Awaiting the breakthrough

Blockchain seems the perfect solution for the complex, decentralized supply chains of the transport sector, but results to date have been disappointing. In this article, we analyze the latest global research with industry executives and use the findings to determine what needs to happen for the...

Managing clinical trials during COVID-19 and beyond

A new, groundbreaking predictive analytical approach which can be deployed in a few weeks to cope with the current crisis, and has the broader...

One of the many consequences of the COVID-19 crisis has been difficulty in continuing to enroll and run clinical trials, which typically involve large numbers of people interacting in multiple geographies. Arthur D. Little (ADL) has pioneered and deployed a new, risk-based predictive analytical...
Healthcare & life sciences, Technology & innovation management, Digital problem solving

Leading businesses through the COVID-19 crisis

Leading businesses through the COVID-19 crisisFirst learnings from Asia and ItalyAs countries across the world take unprecedented measures to control the COVID-19 virus, businesses have fired up their crisis management and contingency plans. However, the crisis has a degree of severity, velocity...

The 5F War Room

Ensuring health & safety while preparing recovery and future growth

Businesses worldwide are facing unprecedented challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. The paramount need is to secure health and safety for the workforce, clients and our societies at large. Beyond that, impact on demand is brutal, with companies forced to juggle major downturns and upturns for...
Strategy, Organization & transformation, Operations management

Unleashing value from intelligent automated processes

How communication service providers can capture the AI-powered RPA opportunity

Robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) are complementary – when implemented together they enlarge the scale of value that can be created. AI can add intelligence to automated processes, enabling companies to extract insight on which they can base data-driven business...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Digital company transformation

Is your city ready to go digital?

How 5G use cases will unleash your city’s full potential

Today, cities face a multitude of challenges originating from societal and technological changes: population growth, urbanization, infrastructure provision, crime and cyber-crime, and environmental pollution. These challenges necessitate new digital use cases. A variety of use cases based on 5G,...
Public services, Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Strategy, Marketing & sales, Digital company transformation

Energy retailers: Facing the toughest transition in the

Energy retailers in Europe need to leverage an increasingly open energy ecosystem to differentiate and stay competitive

Utilities & alternative energy, Strategy