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The march of the robo-taxis

Traffic congestion has a major impact on air quality, health and productivity in cities across the globe. Zero-emission vehicles, autonomous driving and new mobility models are billed as providing solutions to this problem, but will they work in practice? Drawing on a unique combination of real-...

The next generation of corporate incubators

While large organizations have enthusiastically embraced the creation of in-house corporate incubators to identify and support breakthrough growth opportunities with start-ups, the results have been disappointing for many. This article argues that to overcome these challenges and successfully scale...

Demystifying the charging challenge

The combination of a growing need for electric vehicle charging and an energy industry increasingly reliant on renewable generation has led to many prophesizing power cuts and blackouts as current infrastructure struggles to cope. However, this charging challenge will instead open up new...

Getting ready for the energy consumer of the future

The energy sector is undergoing radical transformation as formerly passive consumers take control over their energy consumption and procurement. Based on the five stages of this transformation, we explain how it impacts the energy value chain and outline the capabilities that traditional providers...

Transforming healthcare – How curative therapies will

The shift to curative treatments promises to transform the entire healthcare ecosystem. Patients whose conditions were previously managed through ongoing, long-term medication can now be cured through specific courses of treatment. This transforms their lives – but, as this article explains, it...

Who dares wins!

How access transformation can fast-track evolution of operator production platforms.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

RPA: Robotic Process Automation

Ramp-up your virtual workforce

Executive Briefing Series An 8-part series to be updated weekly from July to September 2019 RPA is changing the way processes are automated. In the following guide we will give insights what RPA is, what can be expected by RPA – now and in future - and how to enable a fast operationalization...
Technology & innovation management, Digital company transformation, Operations management

The flywheel concept – A powerful foundation for a

Giving your digital strategy a clear purpose and focus

Today’s corporate world requires companies to look for a clear purpose for their business ventures, other than solely maximizing profits. This purpose, or in other words, the “why”, is essential for future success in an ever-changing and more and more digital business environment – to convince not...
Digital company transformation

Capturing value from earth observation analytics

Strategic scenarios for the evolution of the earth observation industry

The increasing number of satellites, the growing variety of earth observation (EO) sensors, and the adoption of new analytics techniques are driving the growth of the satellite-based EO analytics industry. Over the next decade a wide number of sectors will further leverage EO to enhance their...
Aerospace & defense

Changing gears to deliver CAR-T in your hospital

Enabling operational readiness for CAR-T therapy delivery in a hospital

Healthcare & life sciences