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Electric mobility impact on downstream oil business

Threat or opportunity?

Mobility has been dominated by combustion engines and fuelled by oil companies. Regulation, customer demand and technological development, are pushing electricity as a mobility power source, which will inevitably impact the downstream oil business. While the traditional business model is under...
Utilities & alternative energy

Telecoms data monetization: Reality, not a mirage

Big Data can deliver the promise of converting data into competitive advantage

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Technology & innovation management

The CEO - Lost in space and time?

Being a CEO today is a very different experience than it was even a decade ago – in the past a new CEO would know the space where their company operated and be given time to effect change. This has been transformed – space has expanded, while time has contracted dramatically. How can CEOs...

Future of mobility – Driving differentiation in a world of

Mobility systems face increasing pressures from rising demand and new market entrants. The latest Arthur D. Little Urban Mobility Index shows that mobility systems in the average city operate at less than half of their potential – this article explains the five key dimensions that players must...

Innovating in the digital age – Successfully combining

Digital technologies are poised to have fundamental impact on innovation management. Drawing on a unique global study carried out by Arthur D. Little, this article explains the three areas where digitalization will impact innovation management, the state of adoption, perceived benefits, and the...

Key risk indicators as a value driver

“The increasingly complex, interconnected and global nature of the risks we face demands greater understanding and ‘air time’ at board level and regular, in-depth discussion with relevant market-facing executive teams.”Sir Peter Gershon, Chairman, National Grid PLC and Tate & Lyle PLCFrom...

Partnering for success in the digital era

The traditional make or buy models for driving growth are being disrupted by digitalization, which is putting the focus on partnerships as a growth strategy for businesses. This article explores what this means for companies and outlines the skills and processes they require to successfully embrace...

Aviation 2035

Scenarios for value chain recomposition and value sharing in aviation post the era of hyper-competition

Aerospace & defense, Travel & transportation

Innovating in the digital age –a cross-industry exploration

Digital technology will transform the way innovation gets done

Our recent survey of 150 companies and 300+ solution providers revealed five key lessons on “innovating in the digital age”Digital technologies (such as AI, advanced analytics, self-learning systems and IoT) are expected to partly or even completely transform the way innovation gets done, according...
Technology & innovation management

Building the Lebanese oil sector

Strategic thoughts for a successful national experience

Lebanon has officially embarked on its oil & gas journey following the signature of the Exploration and Production Agreement (EPA), and declared its entry into the club of oil nations. With its limited national experience in managing an oil & gas (O&G) sector, what should Lebanon’s...
Oil & gas