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High Performance in Product Development: An Agenda for

By now it is commonly recognized that creating a High Performance Business requires the commitment and active leadership of senior management. Part of that leadership consists of achieving concerted thrust, balance, and integration of the organisation's resources so that they align with its key...

Creating a High Performance Service Organisation: A Case

In recent years, quality management techniques have once again captured the imagination of management in industries around the globe. However, while the techniques have a ready and obvious use in work process redesign, their application to organisational change is less obvious. A recent Arthur D....

High Performance in Truck Manufacturing: The TELCO Story

The story of how an Indian truck manufacturer outperformed four Japanese firms is a good example of the principles of the High Performance Business in action. This school of thought, recently developed at Arthur D. Little, holds that the most successful businesses manage to satisfy customers,...

The Lean Difference: Building a High Performance Enterprise

In 1979 I set out with a number of colleagues at MIT to understand why the best Japanese firms seemed to be so much better at making things. At the time, the favored theories were low factor costs ("they've got an undervalued currency and low wages"), Japan, Inc. ("they cheat"), and culture ("they...

Envisioning: Creating the Context for Strategy

A CEO friend of ours recently expressed a deep concern about his staff's inability to "think strategically." This was surprising to us, given that this corporation is well-populated with excellent talent. Its staff includes brand-new MBAs armed with the latest management tools as well as seasoned "...

The Russian Republic: Issues and Opportunities

Jeffrey Sachs is currently leading a team of economic advisers to Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Frank Yans is a vice president of Arthur D. Little, Inc. This conversation took place on April 30 at Professor Sachs' home in Newton, Massachusetts.

True Wirelessness: A Whole New Ball Game

By the year 2000, ubiquitous wireless personal communications services will change the ways that individuals, businesses, and other institutions in North America and Europe manage their affairs. Already, people are becoming increasingly mobile in their personal and professional lives. More and more...

Viewpoint Japanese Executives Face Life Out of the Nest

Just as the abrupt end of the Cold War has created a "new world order" for statesmen to puzzle over, management leaders worldwide are facing the challenge of a new economic order. Incongruous as it may seem, the legendary Japanese management system appears ill-prepared to cope with this transition.

Acquiring World-Class Resources Without Selling the Ranch

Acquiring critical resources has become an increasingly important aspect of strategy as the established leadership positions of the 1980s have come under siege from new competitors in rapidly changing markets and technologies.

The Japanese View of Eastern Europe

During 1990 and 1991, mission after mission of Japanese business executives went to Eastern Europe to explore potential business opportunities. Prime Minister Kaifu and other Japanese political leaders also paid visits. By and large, Japanese businessmen concluded that in the next few years Eastern...