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At Arthur D. Little, we help clients realize the full value of their medical innovations by leveraging our team’s talent and industry expertise in a way that challenges traditional thinking but leads to solutions that are competitive and sustainable.

    How we can help

    Arthur D. Little has an established history of leadership in helping clients bridge the gap between strategy, management, and technology innovation. 

    Our proven tools, techniques, and methodologies, combined with industry expertise, uniquely position us to help medical technology, biopharmaceutical, and associate businesses around the world. 

    Our qualified team members have significant capabilities and experience in working with companies that will shape the direction and future of R&D, marketing, and strategy for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, drug delivery, and fine chemicals. 


    Our services

    We have worked with healthcare clients all over the world to develop solutions that deliver value – from boardroom to bedside.  At Arthur D. Little, we help medical technology, biopharmaceutical, and associate businesses master complex challenges in rapidly changing situations, often under very demanding market, economic, competitive, and technology conditions.

    Our deep industry knowledge, combined with creative thinking, enables us to work with our clients in harnessing innovation to overcome their most difficult strategic challenges. In particular, we help our clients in the following areas:

    Accelerating growth across the life sciences industry

    Within a constantly changing business environment, sources of growth tend to move from the core into adjacent and new businesses. Implementing a targeted and impactful growth-accelerator initiative can yield substantial growth. 

    While organizations concentrate on the existing business to fulfill annual targets and shareholders’ expectations, they often lack well-defined strategies to fully address attractive opportunities outside their core businesses.

    Arthur D. Little regularly supports leading clients on their journeys to identify and realize growth opportunities.

    What we bring to our clients is a comprehensive toolbox that addresses the three key questions: Where to play? How to win? and How to execute?  

    Ensuring commercial readiness for early-stage life science companies

    Arthur D. Little has extensive experience in helping early-stage life science companies move from R&D-focused entities with promising pipelines, technologies, and prototypes to profit-making businesses with successfully commercialized products. 

    Having developed an innovative and competitive product does not guarantee an effective market launch.

    Gaining market acceptance presupposes a thorough understanding of the target market and a well-defined plan for how to reach patients and prescribing physicians. 

    Arthur D. Little’s services to life science companies therefore include product pipeline analysis and systematic market assessments.

    Arthur D. Little also works with clients in defining their marketing and sales strategies, and helping prepare and structure a successful market entry.

    Having set the strategy, we also help drive the execution, making sure that the plan is successfully implemented.

    Planning for next generation growth in pharma

    For pharmaceutical companies it is of crucial importance to continuously plan and prepare for future growth.

    Arthur D. Little’s White Space service identifies highly innovative product opportunities beyond the current strategic focus, with the aim of accelerating growth.

    Arthur D. Little has an established and proven methodology to identify the most relevant White Space candidates.

    The service is focused on stretching the business into new disease areas and exploiting new markets through the identification of acquisition targets outside the scope of currently addressed indications and disease areas. 

    Our selection process is geared towards finding the best fit between companies and available compounds by prioritizing and analyzing indications and development candidates based on the client’s criteria and strategic needs. 

    With our experience, competence, and network of experts, we make sure that your company chooses the most attractive opportunities and is put on the right path towards next-generation growth.

    Developing an indication strategy to optimize pipeline potential

    Developing and bringing to market a drug with multi-indication capabilities is complex, but very lucrative if done right. The right prioritization of indications and the right development sequence will significantly increase the probability of success. 

    Arthur D. Little has successfully assisted biopharma clients in optimizing pipeline potential, helping them choose the most attractive and suitable paths for their drug candidates. 

    Key questions addressed by an indication strategy project are:

    • Which indication(s) are the most attractive for initial clinical trials, approval and launch?
    • How many indications should be targeted simultaneously? 
    • How to coordinate multi-indication development? 
    • Should development be conducted in-house or outsourced? 

    Arthur D. Little provides services to identify and validate relevant indications from a user and market perspective, prioritize among them, and build up strategies and detailed plans for development and commercialization. 

    Our experience, competence and network of experts significantly increase success rates for our clients and their drug candidates. 


    Creating an efficient and cost effective regulatory framework (SUCCESS model)

    The SUCCESS model (Simple, User centric, Compliant, Clear, Empowered, Supported and Sustained) has been developed to help life sciences organizations build and sustain effective quality management systems (QMSs).

    The life science industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, and those who work in the industry are committed to high quality, compliance and safety.  

    The regulators require self management of quality and compliance, which must be documented through the creation of SOPs and the implementation of QMSs.

    This commitment to quality carries with it a tendency to over-complicate the underlying process framework.

    This, combined with constant change due to mergers and acquisitions activity, as well as regular reorganizations and restructuring, creates continual pressure to increase the complexity of the QMS.

    The SUCCESS model addresses this pressure by providing a framework for simplification and sustainability of the QMS.

    It combines a vision with a practical toolkit that can be deployed and customized to meet both the universal drivers and local unique requirements.

    Shaping operations to deliver a significant competitive advantage

    Market and regulatory developments continue to create new operational requirements for the healthcare and life sciences industries.  

    Leading companies structure their operations for competitive advantage and drive true business value from their supply chains.

    Arthur D. Little helps its clients in the healthcare and life sciences sectors anticipate and understand their operational needs, establish the right operational strategies, and unlock real value by innovating and transforming their operations.

    Creating a digital strategy for healthcare providers

    Global costs of healthcare delivery continue to rise, and in the context of high expenditures and an aging population, there is an economic imperative for rethinking how care is delivered.

    The greatest values and possibilities that can be achieved through digitalization have not yet been realized.

    The objective of Arthur D. Little’s Smart Hospital vision is to build a facility that balances three key aspects – Excellence in Clinical Outcome, Efficiency in Supply Chain and Enhancement of Patient Experience. 

    Being a smart hospital means full integration of technology and digital capabilities into the day-to-day functioning of the hospital, processes designed to leverage technology-led efficiencies, and patient-service interfaces designed to leverage digital tools.

    Arthur D. Little assists healthcare providers in equipping their organizations to take the leap from exploring digital services to working in a long-term, strategic way, thus reaching better health outcomes for the patients and higher efficiency in care delivery.

    Through our competence and experience, we help providers to transform into fully digitalized organizations.

    Performing strategic procurement for healthcare providers

    With technology developing faster and faster and becoming an integral part of both diagnosis and treatment, procurement of complex medtech equipment has become a question of strategic importance for healthcare payers and providers. 

    Arthur D. Little has extensive experience of complex procurements and successfully assisted multiple healthcare providers in the procurement of advanced medtech equipment.

    A strategic procurement project typically starts with understanding the strategic needs of the future healthcare system and how the care provider will need to adapt in order to respond to tomorrow’s medical care needs and patient flows, as well as how that translates into technical requirements.

    The requirements are then translated into a procurement model that weighs them against client boundary conditions and market characteristics in order to generate an implementable and future-proof solution.

    Optimizing investments - commercial due diligences of healthcare and life sciences companies

    In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem, M&A can easily become complex and investment decisions tough. 

    Arthur D. Little works with industry as well as private equity clients on due-diligence assignment, and can offer experienced due-diligence teams with deep understanding of the healthcare and life sciences industry. 

    We further leverage our broad network of experts and key opinion leaders to ensure decisions are being made based on solid analysis and the latest science.

    We can further assist with post-merger integration, as well as growth and operational efficiency improvements for private-equity portfolio companies. 

    Formulating long-term R&D strategies in the pharmaceutical industries

    Changes in health-care ecosystem and technology development make pharmaceutical R&D strategies increasingly complex and put emphasis on strategic R&D planning.

    Arthur D. Little regularly supports pharmaceutical clients in the design of mid- to long-term R&D strategies, taking the starting point in the analysis of future market conditions and requirements. 

    Based on this promising technology, fields are identified and assessed.  The long-term R&D strategy further takes into account the client’s existing capabilities and what capabilities will need to be enhanced, as well as what potential partners could help the client develop the targeted future technology.